William M. Allen


Born: July 16, 1851 in Bellevue, Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Died: January 19, 1934 in Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas

Buried: Liberty Cemetery, Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas

Lived: 82 years 6 months 3 days


Father:Coonard Canceller Allen (1820/NC - 1865/TX)

Mother:Mahala Jane Cook (1826/AL - 1913/AR)


Sister: Elizabeth L Allen(1839/LA - 1881)

Brother: Willis Allen(1842/LA - 1908)

Brother: Jackson G Allen(1843/LA - 1863)

Sister: Mary Allen(1844/LA - )

Brother: Joseph J Allen(1852/LA - 1939/AR)

Brother: Elisha W Allen(1854/LA - )

Sister: Eliza J Allen(1856/LA - )


Name: Nancy Ann Tyler (1859/LA - 1946/AR)

  Date: 12/01/1873

  Place: Lafayette County, Arkansas


Daughter: Artie M Allen(1875/AR - 1950)

Daughter: Addie E Allen(1877/AR - 1957/AR)

Son: Arthur A Allen(1879/AR - 1961)

Son: Albed D Allen(1881/AR - 1950/TN)

Son: Adia B Allen(1883/AR - 1937/AR)

Daughter: Allie L Allen (1886/AR - 1965/AR)

Son: Aaron F Allen(1888/AR - 1905/AR)

Daughter: Adelia O Allen(1890/AR - )

Daughter: Arelia V Allen(1893/AR - 1983/TX)

Daughter: Arha C Allen(1895/AR - 1898)

Son: Addison A Allen (1899/AR - 1981/LA)

Son: Asa C Allen(1900/AR - 1984/AR)


1860 Bossier Parish LA Census

William Allen & Nancy Tyler Marriage Record

1880 Lafayette County AR Census

1900 Howard County AR Census

1910 Howard County AR Census

1920 Montgomery County AR Census

1930 Montgomery County AR Census

William Allen Certificate of Death

Nancy Allen Certificate of Death

Addison Allen Delayed Birth Certificate

Addison Allen Certificate of Death

Ruth Zahller

Liberty Cemetery


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