Pearl Lawson

Born: 1911 in Missouri


Father:Isaac Newton Lawson (1861/MO - 1933/IA)

Mother:Mary Adeline Ridgeway (1865/IA - 1940/IA)


Brother: John E Lawson( - )

Sister: Laura Lawson( - )

Sister: Eliza J Lawson (1884/MO - 1985/IA)

Sister: Sarah E Lawson(1885/MO - 1921/IA)

Brother: Jesse S Lawson (1887/MO - 1938/IA)

Sister: Lettice Lawson(1890/MO - 1973/IA)

Brother: Thomas W Lawson (1893/MO - 1981/MO)

Brother: Alva C Lawson(1898/MO - 1955/IA)

Sister: Rachel Lawson(1901/MO - )

Brother: Noah D Lawson(1904/MO - 1945)

Brother: Adam E Lawson(1908/MO - )


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1920 Appanoose County IA Census

Isaac Newton Lawson Obituary

Thomas Lawson Obituary


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