Harvey M. Horner

Born: November 5, 1875 in Woodford County, Illinois

Died: October 22, 1952 in Lucas County, Iowa

Lived: 76 years 11 months 17 days


Father:Landon Horner (1838/OH - 1925/IA)

Mother:Sarah Ann Cherington (1837/IL - 1911/IA)


Brother: Edward L Horner(1860/IL - )

Brother: George A Horner(1862/IL - )

Sister: Caroline L Horner(1867/IL - 1887/IA)

Brother: Samuel L Horner (1872/KS - 1937/IA)

Sister: Mecina A Horner (1872/IL - 1920/IA)

Sister: Mary E Horner (1877/IL - 1965/IA)

Sister: Jennie B Horner(1880/IL - 1883/IA)


1880 Woodford County IL Census

Landon Horner Certificate of Death


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