Mittie Belle Louton


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Born: January 10, 1888 in Texas

Died: June 7, 1982 in California

Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Imperial County, California

Lived: 94 years 4 months 28 days

mtDNA: J2a1a1b


Father:Randell Jasper Louton (1858/AL - 1928/AR)

Mother:Mary Rebecka Swindell (1859/MS - 1948/CA)


Brother: William H Louton( - )

Sister: Adaline N Louton(1882/AR - 1955/CA)

Brother: Charles B Louton (1884/TX - 1958/AR)

Brother: Jasper A Louton(1886 - )

Brother: Braze H Louton (1890/TX - 1971)

Sister: Clearrie C Louton (1892/AR - 1978/CA)

Sister: Brunette E Louton(1895/AR - )

Sister: Nancy L Louton(1897/AR - 1977/CA)

Sister: Mary L Louton (1899/AR - 1978/CA)


Name: Aquilla Knight (1886/AL - 1971/CA)

  Date: 08/16/1906

  Place: Garland County, Arkansas


Daughter: Mary E Knight(1913/OK - )

Son: Buster Knight(1916/TX - 1974/CA)

Daughter: Lena M Knight(1917/TX - )

Son: Jack A Knight(1920/TX - )

Son: Elmer C Knight(1923/CO - 1980)

Son: Jollie A Knight(1927/CO - )


1900 Montgomery County AR Census

Aquilla Knight WWI Draft Registration Card

1920 Eastland County TX Census

1930 Imperial County CA Census

1940 Imperial County CA Census

Lena May Knight Delayed Birth Certificate

Mary Louton Delayed Birth Certificate

Buster Knight Amended Certificate of Birth

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