Elcaner Etherton

Born: June 20, 1876

Died: January 7, 1879

Lived: 2 years 6 months 18 days


Father:Charles Samuel Etherton (1849/IL - 1897/OK)

Mother:Mary Sophia Bowlus (1856/IL - 1941/AZ)


Sister: Sarah A Etherton (1874/IL - 1875)

Sister: Emma D Etherton (1879/KS - 1937/CA)

Brother: Benjamin C Etherton (1881/KS - 1957/CA)

Brother: Elizabeth H Etherton (1883/KS - 1977/CA)

Brother: Norton J Etherton (1888/KS - 1923/CA)


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Sherry Kyle


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