Pedegree Chart for William Wayne Etherton (1909-1997)

William Wayne Etherton

Born: March 8, 1909

Place: Illinois

Died: August 29, 1997

Place: Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana

Buried: City of Anna Cemetery

Spouse: Lillian Archer

Father: Grover Jackson Etherton (1885/IL - 1952/IL)

GrandFather: William Carroll Etherton (1844/IL - 1909/IL)

GreatGrandFather: Andrew Jackson Etherton (1822/TN - 1878/IL)

GreatGrandMother: Lydia Luvisa Waller (1819/IL - 1895/IL)

GrandMother: Louisa Watson (1846 - 1891)

GreatGrandFather: John Watson (1806/TN - 1884/IL)

GreatGrandMother: Susan McGill (1811/TN - 1908/IL)

Mother: Sarah Ellen Gibson (1884/IL - 1978/IL)

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