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I received the following e-mail from Bill Etherton on November 1, 1997.

My name is William Wayne Etherton, Jr. My father's name was William Wayne Etherton. His father was Grover Jackson Etherton. Grover's father was called "grandpa bill". He was killed by lightening while mowing hay with his team of mules. We believe his name to be William Carroll Etherton. We also think William Carroll Etherton was married 3 times and that we are from the second marriage. Grover had 3 sisters: Lily, Emma, and Ada (i think). We believe his one of his wives was Louisa Edith Watson (Bennett). We believe William Carrol Etherton was born 12/1/1844, married in Jackson Co. Illinois in 1864, died June 9, 1909, in Makanda, Illinois. We think his father was Andrew Jackson Etherton, born July 19, 1822, in Tennessee, died April 3, 1878, in Jackson County, Illinois.

I received the following e-mail from Bill Etherton on November 30, 1999.

Grover Jackson Etherton (1885-1952 ): Spouse: Sarah Ellen Gibson, marriage
date: May 10, 1906,  Marriage Place: Williamson County, IL

Children in order of Birth:
    Jewell Etherton b: Oct 21, 1907 d: Nov 4, 1907
    William Wayne Etherton, Sr b: March 8, 1909 d: Aug 29, 1997
    Opal Louise Etherton b: Feb 5, 1911 d: July 25, 1956
    Ruby Mae Etherton b: March 25.1915
    Earl Nelson Etherton b: Feb 14, 1917
    Mary L Etherton b: April 22, 1919 d: June 9, 1996
    Infant Etherton b: March 26.1921 d: March 26, 1921
    Florence Lillian Etherton b: Oct 8, 1922 d: Nov 8, 1976

Type: e-mail

Date: 1997-11-01


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