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Hagler Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Sources for this information include my own visits to this cemetery cross-referenced with Volume 6 of the Cemeteries of Jackson County, Illinois, 1982 in the Murphysboro, Illinois Library in 1996. Information is listed as found (Nicknames and married names are usually listed). Directions: Take IL-127 South from Murphysboro for about 9 miles. Cemetary will be on the left just after Pomona Road. Map.

Catherine Schwartz, B:?, D:9-5-1844, age 70y, 19d.
Sarah Hagler, B:7-23-1791, D:6-28-1864. Wife of Peter Hagler.
James Harreld, B:?, D:8-20-1844, age 50y, 3m, 7d.
John R. Williams, B:12-8-1808, D:11-25-1869. Pastor of Dutch Ridge Church 1855-1856.
Margaret Schwartz, B:?, D:5-18-1841, age 29yr. Wife of Jacob Schwartz.
Mathias Hagler, B:6-8-1812, D:7-28-1897, age 85y, 11m, 20d.
William Hagler, B:?, D:9-12-1878, age 63y, 4m, 11d.
Tilman Hagler, B:11-4-1815, D:9-20-1869, age 53y, 10m, 16d.
Rebecca Hagler, B:1-24-1816, D:7-19-1853, age 37y, 5m, 19d. Wife of Mathias Hagler.
Katherine Hagler, B:7-19-1817, D:9-7-1888.
Elizabeth Hagler, B:3-22-1820, D:4-14-1891. Wife of Tilman Hagler.
Samuel Lipe, B:?, D:6-16-1899, age 75y, 7m, 9d.
Elizabeth Personett Williams, B:5-8-1824 Hamilton Co, OH, D:1-4-1882 Jackson Co, IL. Wife of John R. Williams.
Elizabeth Kelley, B:?, D:11-14-1888, age 63y, 6m, 4d. Wife of Samuel Kelley.
James R. Smith, B:8-8-1825, D:11-20-1890, age 65y, 3m, 12d. .
Lucinda Lipe, B:9-15-1825, D:11-5-1898.
Rachel Lipe, B:? [11-11-1826], D:5-5-1870, age 43y, 5m, 24d. Wife of Samuel Lipe.
John W. Lipe, B:?, D:4-7-1881, age 48y, 10m.
Elizabeth F. Smith, B:9-5-1828, D:1-9-1882, age 53y, 4m, 4d. Wife of James R. Smith.
Daurinda Fisher Hagler, B:3-25-1829, D:3-29-1912. Wife of William Hagler.
William Todd, B:4-16-1829, D:4-18-1875.
William Thompson, B:5-6-1830 Ohio, D:1-28-1901.
Caroline Latty Thompson, B:10-12-1831 Kent Co. Eng., D:1-28-1901.
Infant Smith, B:?, D:10-10-183?. Son of M.B. and Sarah E. Smith.
Judson Williams, B:3-16-1839, D:1-22-1863. Son of John R Williams and his first wife Sarah Jobe. Co. D 1st Illinois Art.
Ellen Emery, B:3-6-1844, D:8-17-1921 (or 1931).
Eli Hagler, B:1845, D:1927.
Carey Williams, B:1-12-1845, D:3-23-1862. Son of John R Williams and Elizabeth Personett Williams. Co. D 1st Illinois Art.
Daniel Hagler, B:2-14-1846, D:8-19-1921.
David McNeir, B:1846, D:1913.
Rachel Hagler, B:1847, D:1915. Wife of Eli Hagler.
John Smith, B:9-29-1847, D:12-23-1895, age 48y, 2m, 2d.
Emily Smith, B:7-18-1848, D:4-10-1898. Wife of John Smith.
Michael R. Smith, B:1848, D:1925.
Sarah Hagler, B:1-15-1849, D:12-14-1864. Dau. of Peter and Sarah Hagler.
Sarah E. Brewer, B:1849, D:1924. Wife of Michael Smith.
James H. Smith, B:5-28-1850, D:?.
Samuel N. Williams, B:1850, D:1888.
Allen Etherton, B:? [9-11-1850], D:?. [Unmarked Gravestone near Willis Etherton]
Delia Ellen (Hagler) Williams, B:1851, D:1912. Wife of Samuel Williams.
Emily Frances Smith, B:2-15-1851, D:2-9-1913. Wife of James H. Smith.
Anderson Etherton, B:12-18-1851, D:2-22-1939.
Evan Lipe, B:1852, D:1925.
Gilbert Hagler, B:8-29-1852, D:8-?-1856. Son of Tilman and E. Hagler.
Malvina Harreld, B:?, D:6-19-1857, age 4y, 5m.
John W. Williams, B:10-25-1853, D:6-7-1854. Son of John R. and E.P. Williams.
Henry Schwartz, B:?, D:9-9-1856, age 2y, 10m, 21d.
Sarah Jane Lipe, B:? [5-5-1854], D:?. [Unmarked Gravestone near Willis Etherton]
Infant Lipe, B:?, D:1854 (or 1864). Dau. of W. and M. Lipe.
Sojal(?) Hagler, B:?, D:12-4-1876, age 22y, 2m, 7d.
Aaron Lipe, B:?, D:6-26-1904. Co. K 9th Illinois Infantry.
Ellen Hagler, B:4-8-1856, D:3-12-1932. Wife of Daniel Hagler; Dau. of Reuben and Minerva Jane Lindsey Ellis.
Louisa J. Lipe, B:1856, D:1916. Wife of Evan Lipe.
Mariam Williams, B:?, D:10-20-1857, age 9mo.
Martha Ann Etherton, B:4-22-1857, D:7-2-1938. Wife of Anderson Etherton.
William M. Hagler, B:?, D:10-29-1862, age 4y, 5m, 28d.
Peter Hagler, B:1-1-1859, D:12-29-1887. Son of Peter and Sarah Hagler.
Charlotte Ann Todd Fleming, B:1859, D:1884.
John W Etherton, B:3-29-1860, D:2-14-1937.
David R. Lipe, B:10-7-1860, D:2-21-1862, son of W. and M. Lipe.
Mary Ann Messmore, B:1861, D:1941.
Joseyphene Etherton, B:12-17-1861, D:9-28-1916. Wife of John W. Etherton.
Martha M. Todd, B:1-14-1863, D:?. Wife of David L. Todd.
Charles Harreld, B:2-16-1863, D:3-11-1863. Son of Cyrus and Amelia Harreld.
John Logan Messmore, B:1863, D:1924.
Janett McNeir, B:1863, D:1924.
Melissa ??, B:1-10-1864, D:6-28-1865. Dau of W. E. and ??.
David L. Todd, B:7-15-1864, D:9-12-1935.
Mary E. Etherton, B:9-25-1867, D:8-4-1888. Wife of T.J.
Viola Montgomery, B:?, D:8-6-1888, age 20y, 7m, 1d.
Ida Harreld, B:2-11-1868, D:?. Sau. of Cyrus and Amelia Harreld.
John Outlan, B:5-6-1868, D:8-5-1955.
Samuel Lipe, B:1868, D:1922.
Jasper Kilman, B:9-2-1869, D:8-28-1941.
John Etherton, B:6-12-18?? [1871], D:??. Son of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Infant Smith, B:?, D:9-5-1874, age 1y, 1m. Son of J.R. and E.F. Smith.
Harvey Etherton,B:12-19-1873, D:12-19-1874. Son of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Harvey Hagler, B:1874, D:1957.
Albert Penrod, B:12-14-1874, D:7-10-1959.
Wilburn Etherton, B:4-4-1875, D:4-4-1877. Son of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Cora E. Outlan Jennings, B:1875, D:1954. Wife of Charles A. Jennings.
Lemuel Hagler, B:?, D:9-1-1878, age 3y. Son of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
James Joshua Smith, B:1875, D:1955. Son of Michael and Sarah Smith.
Charles A. Jennings, B:1876, D:1949.
Omer T. Etherton, B:1877, D:1952.
Dora Etherton, B:3-24-187? [1878], D:??. Daughter of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Maude C. Penrod, B:5-21-1878, D:8-1-1964. Wife of Albert Penrod.
Julia Outlan, B:4-2-1878, D:2-21-1943. Wife of John Outlan.
Ada Etherton, B:9-3-1880, D:10-8-1881. Daughter of John and Josephine Etherton.
Aron Etherton, B:?, D:?. Son of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Thomas Messmore, B:?, D:3-12-1881. age 7 days. Son of John and Mary Messmore.
Henry A. Etherton, B:1882, D:1959.
Mary Izona Randolph, B:1882, D:1952.
Mirt M. Hagler, B:9-1-1882, D:10-5-1915. Son of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
Lula B. Kilman, B:10-11-1882, D:2-25-1940. Wife of Jasper Kilman.
Roy E. Messmore, B:?, D:December 2, 1883, age 1yr, 2mo. Son of John and Mary Messmore.
Letha Covert, B:1884, D:1959.
Carrie E. Hagler Grammer, B:8-14-1884, D:12-14-1925. Wife of Allen Grammer; Dau. of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
Myrtle Etherton, B:1885, D:1965. Wife of Omer T. Etherton.
Bertha Ellis Hagler, B:1886, D:1941. Wife of Harvey Hagler; Dau. of George and Monie Provence Ellis.
Laura A. Ballew, B:1887, D:1937. Wife of James J. Smith.
Melvin Hagler, B:6-2-1887, D:7-15-1938. Son of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
Ethel Etherton, B:8-15-1887, D:10-12-1889. Daughter of T.J. & Mary E.
Maude Gregory Etherton, B:1888, D:5-11-1968. Wife of Henry A. Etherton.
Delia Mae Hagler, B:1-30-1890, D:6-7-1964. Wife of Melvin Hagler; Dau. of John L. and Mary Ann Messmore.
Newton Covert, B:1890, D:19--.
Willis Etherton, B:7-8-1895, D:11-15-1952. Son of Allen and Sarah Lipe Etherton.
Earl D. Reynolds, B:9-2-1903, D:?.
Lawrence W. Smith, B:1906, D:1906. Son of James and Laura Smith.
Archie Hagler, B:1906, D:1922. Son of Harvey and Bertha Hagler.
Virgil Etherton, B:5-4-1906, D:2-21-1919. Son of Omer T & Myrtle.
Alma Messmore, B:5-24-1907, D:9-22-1907. Dau. of John and Mary Messmore
Edward Tripp, B:1908, D:1952. Husband of Geneva Hagler.
Violet Brewer, B:5-26-1909, D:5-27-1909. Child of Earnest and Lelia Brewer
Mellie Outlan Reynolds, B:7-20-1909, D:2-26-1943. Wife of Earl D. Reynolds.
Ruby Brewer, B:8-3-1910, D:8-3-1910. Child of Earnest and Lelia Brewer
Harvey B. Etherton, B:4-4-1911, D:7-14-1975. Son of Henry A. and Maude G.
Ralph Grammer, B:3-17-1912, D:12-26-1979.
Russell Elbert Smith, B:12-4-1912, D:12-3-1953. Son of J. and L. Smith.
Leo Outlan, B:6-4-1913, D:7-2-1913. Child of John and Julia Outlan.
Cleo Eliza Outlan Meadows, B:6-4-1913, D:6-4-1982.
Willard Hagler, B:1915, D:1915. Son of Harvey and Bertha Hagler.
Millard Hagler, B:1915, D:1916. Son of Harvey and Bertha Hagler.
Geneva Hagler Tripp, B:1918, D:?. Wife of Edward Tripp.
Raymond Brewer Jr., B:7-7-1920, D:7-8-1920. Child of Earnest and Lelia Brewer
Benjamin M. Etherton, B:1921, D:1943. Son of Henry A. and Maude G.
Winfred C. Smith, B:7-9-1921, D:2-3-1969. Son of James and Laura Smith.
Claude O. Etherton, B:1924, D:1925. Son of Henry A. and Maude G.
Charles E. Grammer, B:10-17-1935, D:12-23-1957. Son of Charley and Hattie Flemming Grammer.
Earnest Brewer
Infant Hagler, dau. of Tilman and Elizabeth Hagler.
Infant Hagler, son of William and Daurinda Hagler.
James Hagler, infant son of William and Daurinda Hagler.
Kenneth Hagler, infant son of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
Samuel Hagler, infant son of Daniel and Ellen Hagler.
Lelia Messmore Brewer
J. T. Messmore
M. E. Messmore
Nellie Messmore
Jacob Schwartz Corp. Illinois Militia Black Hawk War.
Infant Smith. Child of M.B. and Sarah E. Smith.
Homer D. Sturgeon, B:?, D:5-16-1938. Son of Cora Jennings. Mech. 88 Inf. 19 Div.

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