Alice R. Etherton

Born: May 25, 1881 in Jackson County, Illinois

Died: September 20, 1881 in Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 3 months 26 days


Father:Thomas Jefferson Etherton (1841/IL - 1915/IL)

Mother:Louisa Jane Qualls (1846/IL - 1903)


Sister: Sarah L Etherton(1865/IL - 1933)

Sister: Emma L Etherton(1867/IL - 1871/IL)

Brother: Elisha Etherton(1868/IL - 1872/IL)

Sister: Jane A Etherton(1870/IL - 1871/IL)

Sister: Lavina D Etherton(1871 - 1877)

Brother: Robert H Etherton(1872/IL - 1944/IL)

Sister: Mary O Etherton(1875/IL - 1876/IL)

Brother: Martin L Etherton(1877/IL - 1879/IL)

Sister: Jennie Etherton(1880/IL - )

Sister: Lilly Etherton(1882/IL - 1882/IL)

Sister: Martha Etherton(1883/IL - )

Sister: Bessie Etherton(1886/IL - 1886/IL)

Brother: Thomas R Etherton(1889/IL - 1891/IL)


Alice Etherton Certificate of Birth

Sherry Kyle

Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois


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