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Born: August 11, 1920 in Osgood, Sullivan County, Missouri

Died: April 7, 1993 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa

Buried: Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa

Lived: 72 years 7 months 27 days


Father:Ernest Earl Huffine (1892/KS - 1951/IA)

Mother:Mary Ellen Todd (1895/MO - 1980/IA)


Sister: Vera A Huffine (1915/MO - 2006)


Name: Faye Lucille Horner (1920/IA - 2017/IA)

  Date: 09/23/1939 (age: 19 years 1 month 12 days) - 04/07/1993 (death, 53 years 6 months 15 days)

  Place: Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri


Daughter: Marianna L Huffine (1940/IA - 2017/IA)

Daughter: -unpublished-

Son: -unpublished-

Son: -unpublished-


  Descendant of 3 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).

  Service: Veteran of World War II. US Army, 7th Infantry, Company F.

  Occupation: Railroad Section Hand (1940).


Authentic Personal Testimony

Berns Huffine Delayed Certificate of Birth

Berns Huffine & Faye Horner Marriage Certificate

1940 Wayne County IA Census

Marianna Huffine Certificate of Birth

Berns Huffine Military Discharge

Lawson/Huffine Engagement Announcement

Billy Lawson & Marianna Huffine Marriage Certificate

Mary Ellen Huffine Certificate of Death

Berns Huffine Certificate of Death

Marianna Bennett Obituary

Marianna Bennett Certificate of Death

Faye Lucille (Horner) Huffine Obituary

Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa

Berns and Faye Huffine Family Bible


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