Anna Florence Hammond


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Born: June 26, 1881 in Shelby County, Illinois

Died: May 17, 1960 in Wayne County, Iowa

Buried: Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa

Lived: 78 years 10 months 21 days

mtDNA: U3a


Father:William Hammond (1849/EN - 1920/IA)

Mother:Margaret Hamble (1851/IN - 1894/IA)


Sister: Mary J Hammond(1876/IL - 1876/IL)

Brother: Henry Hammond(1878/IL - 1949/IA)

Brother: James W Hammond(1883/IL - )

Brother: Ernest J Hammond(1885/IL - 1966)

Brother: Jesse B Hammond(1886/IL - 1958/IA)

Sister: Alice D Hammond (1889/IL - 1980)

Sister: Ethel Hammond (1891/IL - 1972/IA)

Sister: Mary Hammond (1894/IA - 1972/IA)


Name: Samuel Landon Horner (1872/KS - 1937/IA)

  Date: 09/10/1902

  Place: Wayne County, Iowa


Daughter: Blanche Horner (1903/IA - 1928/IA)

Daughter: Alma Horner (1906/IA - 1996/IA)

Daughter: Wilma Horner (1910/IA - 1953/IA)

Son: William R Horner (1915/IA - 1974/IA)

Daughter: Faye L Horner (1920/IA - 2017/IA)


Anna Hammond Certificate of Birth

Samuel Horner Death Certificate

Jerry Huffine

Faye Huffine Death Certificate

Faye Lucille (Horner) Huffine Obituary

Shriver Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa


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