Lela Noel Holder

Photo of Lela Noel Holder

Born: January 31, 1895 in Jackson County, Illinois

Died: December 26, 1973 in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Alto Pass Cemetery, Alto Pass, Union County, Illinois

Lived: 78 years 10 months 25 days


Father:Daniel W. Holder (1873/IL - 1947/IL)

Mother:Louisiana Frances Etherton (1865/IL - 1930/IL)


Sister: Mamie E Penry (half-sister) (1884/IL - 1961/IL)

Brother: William E Penry (half-brother) (1886/IL - )

Brother: Hollis T Penry (half-brother) (1889/IL - )

Brother: Robert A Penry (half-brother) (1891/IL - )

Sister: Hattie E Holder (1898/IL - 1990/MO)

Brother: John F Holder (1899/IL - 1974)

Sister: Elizabeth L Holder (1902/IL - 1987/MO)

Sister: Addie Holder (1905/IL - )


Name: Roy Lee Ferrill (1892/IL - 1984/IL)


Son: Owen T Ferrill (1913/IL - 1990)

Daughter: Susan F Ferrill (1916/IL - 2018/IL)

Daughter: Fay F Ferrill (1919/IL - 2013)


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Alto Pass Cemetery


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