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 This is our Etherton Family Genealogy. My dad got me started into genealogy when I was a kid and I have been at it ever since (more or less). The tools have changed quite a bit from when I used to visit the National Archives in downtown D.C. and writing actual letters to relatives. In 1995, I started this website with the hope of sharing what I have learned with anyone with an internet connection. I have enjoyed hearing from relatives who have found this effort interesting and informative.

 I owe a great debt of graditude to all those who contributed so much to the gathering of the family history. I acknowledge these sources at the bottom of each page in the "Sources/Contributors" section. Without all the time and effort of these, and their gracious sharing of information, what I have collected here would be far less complete.

 While great effort has been made to ensure accuracy, there are unintentional errors in this data. Occasionally I will see one and correct it. If you see any, please let me know. Also note that sources are occasionally incorrect, or even in conflict. This represents my best guess at the names, relationships, dates and places. Your own research may lead you to different conclusions. Enjoy!

Who is listed here?

 In short, 7605 of our relatives! The 12 most common surnames are:

Here is an alphabetical list of all the surnames (hide):


Aaron(1), Abernathy(1), Adams(1), Adkins(3), Admire(1), Ahl(1), Albers(1), Allen(67), Allison(6), Almon(1), Alsip(1), Ambrose(1), Amice(1), Ammon(1), Amos(1), Amundson(1), Anderson(10), Angel(1), Anglin(2), Anthony(5), Arbeiter(2), Archer(3), Armstrong(3), Arnett(1), Arnold(2), Arnote(1), Asa(1), Asher(1), Atherton(2), Aurelious(1), Austin(1), Axt(1),


Baggett(1), Bagwell(2), Bahr(1), Bain(1), Bainter(1), Baker(17), Baldwin(1), Ballard(4), Bane(1), Barbree(1), Bare(1), Barker(1), Barkwell(1), Barone(1), Barton(12), Basden(44), Baseden(53), Bash(1), Baskin(2), Baston(2), Bateman(1), Bauder(1), Baxter(3), Bays(3), Baysinger(6), Beach(2), Beamer(1), Beasley(1), Beaty(2), Beauchamp(1), Beck(1), Becker(1), Beers(2), Beltz(1), Bencini(2), Benjamin(1), Benner(1), Bennett(14), Benz(5), Bergman(4), Berry(8), Betts(2), Betz(3), Bevill(1), Biggs(4), Bigler(1), Bilello(2), Bird(1), Bishop(5), Bitticker(2), Bittle(1), Bixler(1), Blachert(1), Black(2), Blackshear(1), Blackwell(1), Blackwood(4), Blair(1), Blake(1), Blanchard(1), Blankenship(1), Bloquar(1), Blue(3), Boals(1), Bogardua(3), Bohanan(1), Bolein(1), Bolen(1), Boley(1), Bolinder(1), Boone(1), Borger(1), Bose(1), Boswell(4), Boucher(2), Bours(1), Bowlin(1), Bowlus(2), Bowman(5), Boyd(2), Boyenga(1), Boyer(3), Boyett(1), Bracy(1), Bradford(1), Bradley(2), Bradshaw(1), Brand(1), Brandenburg(1), Brandon(5), Brandsfield(1), Branson(1), Braswell(6), Bray(13), Breeden(1), Bressler(1), Breuer(1), Brewer(65), Brewster(17), Brickeen(1), Brickley(1), Bridgeman(1), Bridges(4), Bridwell(1), Bright(1), Britton(3), Britz(2), Brock(1), Brockett(1), Brockman(4), Brooke(1), Brooks(5), Brothers(1), Brown(13), Browning(5), Brush(19), Bryant(2), Burditt(1), Burkey(9), Burris(2), Burrows(4), Burton(2), Bush(9), Buss(1), Butcher(2), Butler(3), Byrd(1),


Cady(1), Cagle(3), Cahhere(1), Caldwell(1), Camarena(1), Camargo(1), Cameron(1), Campbell(6), Canderlario(1), Cannan(1), Cansler(2), Cantrell(1), Caplinger(1), Carmicle(1), Carmody(3), Carpenter(1), Carr(1), Carter(4), Carty(1), Caruthers(1), Carvender(2), Cash(6), Casleton(1), Casmer(1), Castor(1), Cate(1), Caterne(1), Cave(2), Caveglia(1), Chambers(6), Chaney(1), Charles(1), Chartier(1), Cheatham(2), Cheers(1), Cherington(38), Childers(1), Childress(2), Childs(1), Chistingberry(2), Chrisman(1), Clabo(1), Clapp(3), Clark(19), Claycomb(1), Clayton(1), Clemens(2), Clevenger(1), Cline(2), Clinton(7), Clover(10), Clowers(1), Clutts(4), Cochran(5), Cole(3), Coles(1), Collier(11), Colson(1), Colton(3), Combs(1), Condon(2), Congleton(1), Conley(2), Conner(4), Cook(14), Coon(1), Coontz(1), Cooper(3), Coston(1), Covert(2), Cowgill(1), Cox(7), Cozed(1), Crabtree(1), Craig(6), Crane(6), Crank(1), Crapper(1), Crawford(2), Crawshaw(57), Creath(1), Crews(1), Crilly(1), Crim(1), Cripps(9), Crobolt(1), Crockett(3), Crofts(3), Croizer(1), Crombar(1), Crooks(1), Cross(2), Crow(1), Crowell(15), Cruse(2), Crust(1), Culley(6), Curran(3), Curry(5), Cutler(1),


D'Angelo(1), Damron(3), Daniels(4), Danielson(1), Danner(4), Darnell(1), Daugherty(2), David(1), Davidson(3), Davis(14), Dawson(3), Dean(23), Dellinger(1), DeLue(7), DeRossett(2), Devore(1), Dickerson(1), Dietel(1), Dilday(1), Dill(1), Dillard(1), Dillinger(5), Dillon(1), Dippell(4), Dixon(6), Dobbs(1), Donald(1), Donavan(1), Donohue(7), Doolen(1), Dooley(9), Doolin(17), Dorsey(2), Dotterer(1), Doty(2), Douglas(17), Dowell(1), Drain(1), Draper(1), Drew(2), Drews(1), Dubach(1), Dudley(1), Dunham(2), Dunivan(8), Dunlap(1), Dunnan(3), Dunneman(1), Dunning(3), Dunnivan(2), Dunshee(4), Durham(1), Dusen(1), Dyer(1),


Earhart(2), Eason(2), Eaton(2), Eaves(1), Ebersole(1), Eddings(1), Edmonds(1), Edwards(7), Elders(3), Elimon(1), Elkin(1), Eller(1), Ellett(1), Ellis(129), Elmore(5), Elston(2), Emanuel(2), Emert(1), Emery(2), Emory(1), Engert(2), Enright(1), Entsminger(2), Eovaldi(3), Erwin(9), Essick(5), Estelle(5), Etheridge(1), Etherton(1317), Evans(2),


Fabry(1), Farmer(1), Faubion(2), Faughn(1), Ferguson(5), Ferrill(5), Fessler(1), Fielder(1), Finnell(7), Fischer(1), Fisher(9), Fissell(1), Flag(1), Flanigan(1), Fleming(7), Flemming(2), Fletcher(6), Flowers(3), Floyd(1), Fly(4), Foeste(1), Forbusch(1), Forby(5), Ford(2), Fore(3), Foshee(1), Foster(2), Fowler(8), Fox(8), Fraiser(1), Fraizer(1), Fraley(1), Franklin(1), Fraser(2), Frazer(1), Frazier(3), Frederick(1), Freeman(2), Frees(1), Frey(1), Frohrip(1), Frost(7), Fry(4), Fuerbringer(5), Fugit(1), Fuller(2), Fulmer(5),


Galbraith(1), Gallagher(2), Garcia(3), Garlend(1), Garner(6), Garrett(2), Gartung(1), Gaston(8), Gault(1), Gent(5), Gentry(1), Gentzler (Cansler)(1), Gholson(2), Gibson(2), Gill(1), Gillenwater(1), Gillooly(2), Givens(2), Glasgow(8), Glass(2), Glidewell(1), Glotfelty(1), Glover(3), Godsey(1), Goe(1), Golding(1), Goldsby(1), Golliher(31), Goodbread(14), Goodman(2), Goodwin(2), Gordon(9), Gotcher(6), Gothart(1), Graham(1), Grammer(139), Grams(4), Grant(9), Graves(7), Gray(2), Greathouse(10), Green(11), Greeno(1), Greer(2), Gregory(19), Gresham(1), Grieme(1), Griffin(2), Grindstaff(1), Gronquist(3), Guarino(1), Guffey(25), Guinn(2), Gullett(3), Gumm(1), Gunn(4), Gunter(3), Gurley(1), Guthrie(1),


Hacke(1), Hafner(1), Hagler(406), Hague(9), Haines(1), Hale(38), Hall(8), Halleck(2), Halstead(1), Haltom(43), Halverson(1), Hamble(26), Hamblin(1), Hamilton(1), Hammer(2), Hammond(24), Hampton(3), Handlen(1), Haney(3), Hank(1), Hankley(4), Hanks(1), Hannah(1), Hanson(52), Harden(1), Hardin(1), Hargrave(3), Harms(1), Harnden(1), Harold(1), Harrelson(1), Harris(3), Harrison(2), Hartline(8), Haskins(1), Haws(1), Hayes(3), Hays(1), Hazel(1), Heck(1), Heddell(1), Heidenfelder(1), Heidinger(1), Heininger(1), Heiple(6), Hellyer(4), Hemelstrand(1), Henchel(2), Henderson(2), Hendrick(3), Henley(1), Henry(1), Henson(7), Herrin(1), Herron(1), Hickam(1), Hickman(2), Hicks(11), Hickson(1), Higgins(1), Hileman(1), Hill(9), Hiller(99), Hinchcliff(6), Hindman(1), Hines(4), Hixenbaugh(2), Hoard(1), Hobbs(2), Hoblit(1), Hock(1), Hodge(2), Hoelscher(1), Holcomb(1), Holder(54), Holiday(1), Hollingsworth(1), Hollis(1), Holt(6), Homann(1), Hook(1), Hooker(6), Hopkins(7), Horner(27), Hoskin(1), Hott(5), Hottovey(1), House(1), Houser(8), Howard(11), Howe(1), Howerton(1), Hoyle(1), Hubbard(2), Huber(1), Hudgens(1), Hueneke(1), Huffine(21), Hughes(4), Hull(2), Humphrey(1), Hunsaker(11), Hunt(1), Hunter(3), Hunziker(1), Hurley(1), Huskey(1), Husky(1), Hutchinson(1), Hutson(1), Hutton(1), Hyde(2),


Imboden(1), Ingalls(1), Inge(11), Ingram(1), Inman(4), Inskeep(5), Irwin(1),


Jackson(4), Jacobs(6), James(4), Jarrett(2), Jenkel(1), Jenkins(14), Jenner(2), Jennings(1), Jensen(1), Jester(12), Jipson(1), Johnson(75), Jolly(3), Jones(21), Jump(1), Jungk(1),


Kammlade(3), Kane(1), Kariger(1), Karok(1), Kee(3), Keeler(1), Keenan(5), Kehrt(2), Keith(3), Keller(1), Kelley(1), Kelly(5), Kemp(3), Kennedy(8), Kennson(1), Kent(1), Kern(3), Kesher(1), Kesley(1), Ketring(9), Keys(2), Kidwell(1), Kilborn(3), Kilgore(1), Kilman(3), Kimmel(2), Kimmick(1), Kimrey(1), Kincaid(1), Kincer(2), King(11), Kingsbury(3), Kinkaid(1), Kirk(1), Knight(8), Knighton(9), Knowles(9), Koenig(9), Koontz(1), Korver(1), Kratz(1), Kratzer(1), Kribbe(1), Kruse(2), Kuehle(1),


Lackland(1), Lackman(1), LaFoe(1), Laforest(1), Lamas(1), Lambert(8), Lamer(1), Lancaster(1), Lance(1), Landreth(1), Lane(7), Langenfeld(1), Langley(3), Large(1), Larson(1), Latham(1), Launius(2), Lavoy(3), Lawder(1), Lawler(2), Lawrence(4), Lawson(88), Leach(1), Ledbetter(4), Lee(3), Leeseberg(1), Leftridge(1), Leippe(1), Leisenring(1), LeMay(1), Lemmen(1), Levelsmeier(4), Lewis(4), Liggett(1), Limerick(7), Lindsey(86), Line(2), Lingle(4), Linton(2), Lipe(297), Lipscomb(1), Lira(3), Liter(1), Little(1), Littlejohn(2), Lloyd(1), Lockard(1), Lockler(1), Lockwood(1), Loertscher(1), Loftis(1), Lofton(1), Lollar(1), Long(9), Lopez(1), Loren(4), Losaeco(1), Loudon(2), Lounsbury(2), Louton(96), Loveday(2), Lovett(1), Loy(1), Lucas(4), Lyndes(1),


Mabie(2), Magee(1), Mahlman(1), Maloney(1), Manering(1), Manes(1), Mangum(3), Mann(2), Mannin(1), Manning(2), Mansker(6), Maples(1), Marcotte(4), Marcum(3), Marler(2), Marshall(4), Martin(19), Marvin(7), Marx(1), Massey(1), Matheny(5), Mathes(5), Mathews(1), Matthews(3), Maulhardt(2), Maxwell(1), May(9), Maynor(1), Mayse(1), McAllister(1), McAmis(8), McBride(6), McCabe(1), McCall(3), McCann(1), McCart(5), McCarty(3), McCauley(1), McClain(1), McClelland(3), McClung(1), McCollum(9), McConachie(1), McCord(5), McCormick(3), McCraken(1), McCuen(1), McDaniel(10), McDonald(1), McDowell(2), McFarlane(1), McGee(1), McGill(1), McGowan(1), McGrann(2), Mcintyre(1), McKay(1), McKern(1), McKinney(6), McLaughlin(2), McMinn(1), McMurphy(4), McNaught(3), McNeir(9), McPeak(1), McRoy(1), Meade(1), Melton(2), Meredith(1), Merrick(1), Messmore(2), Meyer(1), Mikles(7), Miles(3), Miller(34), Millette(1), Milligan(1), Mills(1), Minor(1), Minter(1), Minton(1), Mischke(3), Mitchell(5), Modglin(3), Moiso(3), Molique(1), Money(1), Montgomery(1), Moody(1), Moon(1), Mooneyham(3), Moore(11), Morber(3), Morefield(1), Morehouse(1), Morgan(27), Morlock(4), Morreau(1), Morris(16), Moseley(4), Motsinger(2), Mouganis(1), Moutell(28), Munn(1), Munson(2), Murphy(1), Murray(10), Musgrove(4), Mutersbaugh(1), Myers(3),


Nance(7), Nation(1), Nausley(93), Nebughr(2), Needham(1), Nelson(3), Nerison(4), Newcomb(1), Newman(1), Newsome(1), Nickel(1), Nickle(1), Niederbrach(1), Nielsen(1), Nobel(2), Noel(1), Noggle(1), Nolan(3), Norton(1), Norwood(1), Nulhe(1),


O'Neal(2), Odle(2), Ogle(1), Olson(2), Osborn(1), Osborne(1), Otey(1), Ottesen(1), Outlan(4), Outland(2), Overturf(1), Owens(1), Ownby(2), Ozburn(1),


Padilla(4), Page(1), Palfalvy(2), Palmer(41), Parcels(1), Parker(2), Parks(1), Parrish(1), Parrott(2), Parsons(1), Partridge(1), Pastore(1), Pate(14), Patrick(1), Patten(3), Patters(3), Paulson(4), Pearson(1), Peckham(1), Pegg(1), Peitler(1), Pendleton(1), Penrod(29), Penry(5), Pepper(1), Perrigan(6), Perry(3), Perschbacher(1), Peterson(5), Petrea(3), Petree(1), Pharris(1), Phelps(1), Philby(1), Phillips(3), Phinney(1), Pickering(17), Pierce(2), Pierson(1), Pietrie(1), Pinkerton(1), Pirtle(64), Plumbe(1), Poe(1), Points(2), Pokorney(1), Pollard(1), Pollett(1), Pommerening(1), Porter(5), Potter(3), Pounde(1), Powell(1), Powers(4), Presson(12), Prestegard(1), Prewitt(1), Pritchard(1), Provence(1), Pugh(4), Purvis(1), Puttmann(1), Pyatt(1),


Qualls(17), Queen(2), Quillman(2), Quinn(2),


Radcliff(5), Radcliffe(1), Rainer(1), Raines(11), Rains(57), Ralls(11), Rambo(1), Rampey(1), Ramsbottom(1), Ramsey(1), Randall(1), Randle(1), Raney(1), Rankin(1), Rapp(1), Raspet(2), Ratcliff(6), Rawson(2), Rawsthorne(1), Ray(8), Rayburn(1), Redo(1), Redway(1), Reed(4), Reeves(11), Reisher(1), Rendleman(6), Renfroe(1), Renick(2), Rettinger(1), Reynolds(32), Rhea(1), Rhines(1), Rhoads(1), Rhodes(2), Rice(10), Rich(1), Richey(2), Richolt(1), Ricker(1), Ridgeway(28), Ridpath(1), Rigdon(5), Rigg(1), Riggs(1), Riley(3), Rine(1), Ripley(3), Ripple(2), Roach(1), Robbins(3), Roberts(21), Robertson(1), Robichau(1), Robie(1), Robinson(16), Roby(1), Rodden(1), Rodgers(1), Rogers(7), Roland(2), Rollheiser(3), Rollin(1), Rose(2), Ross(2), Rossiter(3), Roudebush(1), Rowan(6), Rucker(1), Rudisill(2), Runion(13), Rushing(4), Russel(1), Russell(5), Ruth(1), Ryan(1), Rydman(1),


Sager(1), Saldana(1), Sales(3), Salls(1), Salyer(1), Sams(1), Sanders(2), Sanford(1), Santa Cruz(1), Sauer(1), Sauerhage(2), Sausser(1), Sawkin(1), Sawyer(1), Schemonia(10), Schmidt(6), Schnieber(1), Schooler(8), Schrader(1), Schrempp(1), Schumacher(1), Schuster(1), Schwartz(1), Schwarzer(2), Scott(4), Scurlock(3), Seagraves(1), Seagroves(1), Sealy(6), Seastrunk(5), Seeley(1), Seibert(7), Selby(1), Selvidge(2), Shackleton(1), Shamblin(2), Shaw(1), Shelton(1), Sherrill(1), Shipp(1), Shirley(1), Shockley(1), Short(2), Showalter(1), Shriver(1), Shrum(1), Sibert(1), Silvey(1), Simms(1), Simpson(2), Sims(7), Sinclair(5), Sizemore(1), Skaggs(15), Skein(1), Slinker(1), Sloan(1), Smalling(1), Smart(1), Smelcer(1), Smith(24), Snider(9), Snyder(1), Soloman(1), Songer(1), Sorrells(1), Sours(1), South(6), Sowell(1), Sowman(2), Sparks(1), Spears(1), Spence(11), Spicer(7), Sprous(1), Stackhouse(1), Stacy(1), Stader(1), Stalnaker(2), Stanford(13), Stanley(2), Starchevich(1), Stargell(6), Staveley(2), Stearns(12), Steele(1), Stephenson(1), Sterns(3), Stevens(3), Stevenson(1), Stewart(4), Stiles(4), Stinson(1), Stockstill(1), Stone(4), Story(2), Stotlar(1), Stover(1), Strasburg(2), Strausing(5), Straw(1), Strickland(4), Strode(1), Strong(4), Stuart(1), Stuckey(1), Stucky(1), Stultz(2), Sugg(2), Sullivan(3), Sulsar(1), Sumner(10), Sutherland(1), Sutliff(1), Sutton(2), Swafford(15), Swearenger(1), Swindell(58), Sykes(3),


Tabouring(1), Tallant(1), Tanner(2), Tarpin(1), Tautges(6), Taylor(11), Teague(1), Teeters(1), Tellor(2), Temple(1), Terry(1), Thetford(1), Thogmartin(5), Thomas(3), Thompson(8), Thorp(6), Thorton(1), Thurman(2), Todd(61), Towne(1), Trainer(1), Trammel(3), Travelstead(1), Traylor(1), Treasure(1), Tripp(22), Tucker(1), Tuhill(1), Tuller(6), Turnage(6), Turner(4), Turnmire(1), Turpin(1), Tuttle(11), Tweedy(1), Twitchell(3), Tyler(11),


Underwood(1), Unthank(1), Uzzell(4),


VanBaak(1), Vance(1), Vancil(1), VanDamme(1), Vander Plas(1), Vanover(2), Varner(5), Vasey(1), Vaughn(2), Vernon(2),


Wadley(1), Wailes(8), Wakefield(108), Wakerley(3), Waldo(2), Wales(1), Walker(9), Wallace(5), Waller(14), Walters(1), Ward(10), Wardrip(1), Warren(6), Watson(20), Wayman(10), Weaver(4), Webb(7), Webster(1), Weeks(3), Weinberger(2), Weir(1), Welch(1), Wells(9), West(6), Westlake(1), Westlund(1), Weston(11), Westphal(1), Wheatley(2), Wheelock(1), Whelchel(1), White(16), Whitehead(1), Whiteley(13), Whitlow(11), Whitson(1), Whittington(1), Wilbur(4), Wilcox(3), Wilder(1), Wiley(1), Will(3), William(1), Williams(50), Wills(1), Wilson(13), Wilton(12), Winchester(24), Winemiller(2), Wingold(1), Wintermeyer(1), Winters(3), Wise(1), Witbart(1), Witbord(1), Wittington(1), Woehlke(6), Wolf(8), Wolfe(5), Woods(1), Worthen(10), Wright(17), Wunderle(4),


Yoakum(1), Yoast(7), York(1), Young(3),


Zeigler(1), Zimmer(1), Zimmerman(9),

 Or, here's an Alphabetical Index of all names.

 Another place to start, here are a few Outline Descendancy Trees:

On this day in our family history, January 21:




Recent Updates:

  (more updates...)

Daughters of the American Revolution Patriots:

Database Stats:

 For the 3894 people that are in the database that I know the birth and death date, the average age at death is: 64.61 years. Oldest male lived to: 103.6. Oldest female lived to: 106.6. (More Stats...)

Random Family Portrait, meet James Everett Etherton:

Etherton Family Distribution Chart:

 Here is something that is interesting... a chart of the distribution of the Etherton surname by state in 1990. This is an 11KB .GIF image. It is interesting to note that the states with the highest concentration are Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Nebraska.



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