Pedegree Chart for Lois Evelyn Etherton (1930-2010)

Lois Evelyn Etherton

Born: November 14, 1930

Place: Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: January 10, 2010

Place: Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Murdale Gardens of Memory

Spouse: John Walker

Spouse: Robert Casleton

Father: Willis Allen Etherton (1895/IL - 1952/MO)

GrandFather: Allen Etherton (1850/IL - 1908)

GreatGrandFather: William Anderson Etherton (1825/IL - 1862/IL)

GreatGrandMother: Lucinda M. Hagler (1825/IL - 1898/IL)

GrandMother: Sarah Jane Lipe (1854/IL - 1927/IL)

GreatGrandFather: Peter Lipe (1829/IL - )

GreatGrandMother: Sarah (IL - )

Mother: Florence Lela Moutell (1902/IL - 1985/IL)

GrandFather: Joel Morgan Moutell (1875/IL - 1937/IL)

GreatGrandFather: Joel Moutell (1837/FR - 1878/IL)

GreatGrandMother: Lavina Ann May (1848/IL - 1878/IL)

GrandMother: Cora Isabel Baseden (1874/IL - 1940/IL)

GreatGrandFather: Charley Chumley Baseden (1826/EN - 1900/IL)

GreatGrandMother: Margaret Elizabeth Lindsey (1843/IL - 1926/IL)

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