William Anderson Etherton

Born: September 6, 1825 in Illinois

Died: October 13, 1862 in Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Creekpaum Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 37 years 1 month 7 days

yDNA: R-BY73108


Father:Micajah Etherton (1795/TN - 1841/IL)

Mother:Rachel Ann Faubion (1795/TN - 1845/IL)


Sister: Jane Etherton+ (1822/TN - 1887/IL)

Brother: James A Etherton+ (1827/IL - )

Brother: Alvin H Etherton (1835/IL - )

Brother: Micajah H Etherton (1837/IL - 1854/IL)


Name: Lucinda M. Hagler (1825/IL - 1898/IL)

  Date: 10/01/1842 (age: 17 years 25 days) - 10/13/1862 (death, 20 years 12 days)

  Place: Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri


Daughter: Elizabeth J Etherton+ (1843/IL - )

Son: Albert Etherton (1845/IL - 1864/GA)

Daughter: Rachel R Etherton+ (1847/IL - 1915/IL)

Daughter: Margaret J Etherton+ (1848/IL - 1926/IL)

Son: Allen Etherton+ (1850/IL - 1908)

Son: Andrew A Etherton+ (1851/IL - 1939/IL)

Daughter: Zerilda E Etherton+ (1854/IL - )

Daughter: Mary Etherton+ (1857/IL - 1892/IL)

Daughter: Jane Etherton (1858/IL - )

Son: John W Etherton+ (1860/IL - 1937/IL)


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).

  Service: Veteran of the US Civil War. 6th Illinois Calvary, Company I.


Samuel Etherton to Anderson Etherton

1850 Jackson County IL Census

1860 Jackson County IL Census

William Gaston and Mary Fissell Register of Marriage

Sherry Kyle

Daffney Scherer

Kathryn Etherton


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