Source: Maggie Adams


I received the following e-mail from Maggie Adams on July 17, 1997.

As I looked 
through our ancestor book "Gutbrodt is Goodbread", I came across Mary 
Goodbread. She is the daughter of James Madison and Nancy Evelyn 
(Jenkins) Goodbread, born 1861, married December 11, 1879 to Dr. John C. 
Etherton, of Carbondale, Il., a widower with two children, Cora and 
Donald Etherton. He and his second wife, Mary Goodbread, had two 
daughters: Mamie Etherton and Nellie Etherton. Mary (Goodbread) Etherton 
died at her daughter Mamie's home in Jackson, Miss.  
	Also I have info about Joseph Patterson Goodbread, born August 
9, 1871. He married May 5, 1892, Minnie Lee Etherton, who was born 
December 9, 1870, Grand Tower, Il. She died December 28, 1962 in 
Detroit, MI and is buried at Livonia, Wayne County, MI. They had four 
kids who spelled it Goodbred: Neil Gentry, Lyman Lee, Lynn Etherton, 
Ruth... (Source from book: Records of Emma May Goodbread Billings, 
Tulsa, OK. as given to James T. Goodbread a number of years ago.)  

Type: e-mail

Date: 1997-07-17


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