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I received the following e-mail from Martie on May 10, 1998.

Hi, Joel, my mother is an Etherton (Anna L. Etherton White)   she was
born in Alto Pass, Ill, and is now 88, and lives with my sister in
Spartanburg, SC.  Her brother, Jack Etherton, had given me some family
tree notes that he had compiled over the years, and I've always meant to
delve into this, but could never hope to even come close to what you
have done with this.  Their father was George Etherton, and their
grandfather Andrew Jackson Etherton.

I received the following e-mail from Martie on August 10, 1998.

My mother is visiting me now from South Carolina, and she was just
telling me about her father George W. Etherton and uncles, Roy and
Charles, and recalling some old times.  Also about her grandfather,
Andrew Jackson (Uncle Jack) Etherton, who lived outside of Carbondale
near Dutch Ridge.  He was a farmer, raised and sold turkeys, butter,
milk, etc.  After her grandfather Andrew Jackson ETherton  moved in 
with her father, he fell and pulled a sack of pototatoes down on top of
himself, they think that he hurt  his spleen, he died a couple of months
later (1926 or 27).  Mother lived in Pomona in Jackson County at the
time. He knew the Bible extrememly well, she said, and could tell you
where anything was in it. 

Her father George worked for the railroad building bridges (M&O Lines),
they  had a roundhouse in Murphysboro. His wife (Mom's grandmother) was
named Annie Quinn.  There was a story told that Annie was kidnapped by
the gypsies, and that Great Grandfather Etherton rescued her and married

His children were Roy, Charles, and George (my grandfather).  There was
also a Jesse, who died of diptheria as a child.  He used to say taht he
was baptizing the cats, and drown them in the rain barrel.

Her father George married Annette Augusta Jones, who was from
Murphysboro, in 1900.  There children were as follow:

	Gladys Etherton--deceased  (married Glenn Lindsay, lived in Granite

	Margaret Etherton--deceased (married Jim Brown, lived in Alto Pass)

	William Dwayne Etherton--deceased (married Lewanda Minton, lived in
Also Pass)

	Anna L.  Etherton--my mom, born 1910, married Charels Arthur White,
lived in Texas, currently lives in Spartanburg, SC

	Ina Etherton--deceased, died in infancy

	Robert Jackson, born 1919, currently living in DelMonto, Calif.

I received the following e-mail from Martie on August 26, 1998.

Hi, Joel, I've been talking to my Mother  and cousin Jimmy Dale about
some of these things, and this is what I have gathered:

Before we get to George, some additional info on his family.

	Mary Ellen Quinn ("Annie"--my Mother was named for her, they told her)
probably was not from Mississippi, Mother  said, because she did not
have that kind of accent and Mother  doubted that her grandfather would
marry someone from the Deep South, as there were so many Ethertons who
fought in the Union Army and who died in the Civil War.  She had the
feeling that Annie Quinn was an orphan
	Mother and Jimmy Dale also said you had erroneous information on
George's siblings.  The boys  were Charles, George , Roy, who was 6'6",
and Jesse, who died of typhoid fever as a child (he's the one who would
baptize the family cats in the rail barrel "in the name of the horn and
the goats"!) The only girl Mother and Jimmy Dale knew  was Susan, who
married Fountain Tripp, had 3 children,a nd died during WWI.  Mother did
n ot remember any aunts named Hattie or Mary J., but probalby didn't
know or remember if they died as babies.

	George Washington Etherton  was born on 31 March 1879 (mother remembers
the 31 March, because one of her sisters was his "birthday present") and
died in Feb 1941 in Alto Pass--actually out in the country, at James
Farm, Alto Pass was the nearnest town. He is buried in Alto Pass
cemetery--that is right outside of Alto Pass, going north.
	Mother believes that Annette's  ("Nettie") birthday was 29 Dec 1881,
she was from Murphysboro.
	She does not know where George and  Annette were married, but probably
in Murphysboro, because that is where Annette was from, or possibly  in
Carbondale.  She thinks the year was 1900. 
	Annette died of a stroke in July 1965, and is also buried in Alto Pass
	George and Annette's children were the following:
	Gladys, b. 31 Mar 1905, d. 1970
		m. Ernie Franklin, no children
		m. Glenn Lindsey
			-George Arnold (died as infant)
			-Betty Ann
			-Glenda Mae (died at 14)
	Margaret, b. 30 Jan, 1907, d. 1974 (buried Alto Pass cemetery)
		m. Albert Weaver
			-Donald Weaver
		m. Lucian Sterns
		m. Jim Brown
			-Jimmy Dale
	William Dwayne, b. Aug 1908, d. 1974, buried Alto Pass Cemetery
		m. Lewanda Minton
	Anna	b. 7 Feb 1910
		m William Schwarzer, 22 June 1929, Jonesboro, Ill
			-William Schwarzer Jr
		m. Charles Arthur White 22 Oct 1933, Georgetown, Texas
			-Anna Elizabeth
			-Paul Arthur
			-Donald Ray
			-Frances Alene
			-Jackie Lee
			-Martha Jean
	Robert Jackson Etherton, b. 15 April 1919
		m. Margaret Cochran (deceased)

Will keep talking to Mother about
these things, she is 88, but has a sharp, sharp mind, and a very clear
memory about many things from long ago.

I received the following e-mail from Martie on August 15, 1999.

Hello, Joel, I'm so sorry to tell you that my mother, Anna L. (Etherton) White,
died on Aug. 5 in Spartanburg, S.C. .  She was buried on Aug. 9 at 
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Spartanburg.  She was 89 years old.  
She will be very much missed by all of us who loved her so very much.  

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Date: 1998-05-10


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