Source: Thomas Ledbetter


I received an E-mail in January 2001 from Thomas containing information on the descendants of Henry Harrison Etherton.


Hi Joel:
Thanks for your reply.  Here' some more info. on the Wolfes, Holleys, and McAmis's  
Addie H. Etherton Wolfe (who married Edwin Wolfe) both died from the yellow fever 
epedimic in New Orleans.  Their 4 daughters were adopted by other family members.  
Ollie (not Olive) Mae -my grandmother- and Gertrude Wolfe were adopted by J. L. and 
Carrie Holley, thus grew up as Holleys.  I don't know that much about the other 
2 sisters, but they were adopted by another family and moved to the Los Angeles area.
Mary Bess McAmis (my mother and Ollie Mae's daughter) married Ben (not Benjamin) 
Arthur Ledbetter in 1947 in Corinth/Alcorn County, MS.  Their 3 children are Ben 
(not Benjamin) Arthur Ledbetter Jr.-born 1949, Mary Laurie Ledbetter-born 1955, 
and me, Thomas Frank Ledbetter-born 1958 (all in Corinth).  
Ollie Mae's son, James Clay McAmis Jr., married Darlene Sausser in 1955.  Their 
4 children are: Clay Warren McAmis-b.1956,  
Elizabeth Holly McAmis-b. 1957,  James Craig McAmis-b. 1958, and Amy Sharon McAmis-b. 1963.

Type: e-mail

Date: 2001-01-27


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