Allen Hagler

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Born: January 8, 1808 in North Carolina

Died: September 4, 1894 in Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Buried: Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Lived: 86 years 7 months 27 days


Father:John L. Hagler (1784/NC - 1865/IL)

Mother:Mary Spears (1780/NC - 1832/IL)


Brother: Paul Hagler+ (1804/NC - 1855/IL)

Brother: Mathias Hagler+ (1812/NC - 1897/IL)

Brother: John Allen Hagler+ (1817/NC - 1884/TN)

Sister: Delilah Hagler (1818/IL - 1905/IL)

Sister: Mary Hagler+ (1820/IL - 1899/IL)

Sister: Lucinda M. Hagler+ (1825/IL - 1898/IL)

Sister: Ellen Hagler (1827/IL - 1898/IL)

Sister: Tabitha Jane Hagler+ (1828/IL - 1917/IL)

Brother: George Hagler+ (1830/IL - 1863/TN)


Name: Mary Bolen (1809/TN - 1884/KS)

  Date: 1930 - 05/16/1884 (death/spouse, 45 years 6 months 14 days)

  Place: Jackson County, Illinois


Son: Mathias Hagler+ (1834/IL - 1904/IL)

Son: William J. Hagler+ (1836/IL - 1901/KS)

Daughter: Susannah C. Hagler+ (1838/IL - 1907/KS)

Son: Allen Jackson Hagler+ (1840/IL - 1888)

Son: Isaac Hagler+ (1844/IL - 1922/KS)

Son: John Logan Hagler+ (1846/IL - 1887/KS)

Son: Abraham Lincoln Hagler+ (1848/IL - 1925/IL)

Daughter: Lucinda Hagler (1852/IL - )

Daughter: Alice Hagler (1854/IL - )

Daughter: Katie Hagler (1856/IL - )

Daughter: Betsy Hagler (1858/IL - 1898/IL)

Daughter: Lizzie Hagler (1860/IL - 1911/IL)


  Occupation: Farmer (1850).


1850 Jackson County IL Census

1860 Jackson County IL Census

Maximillian Etherton Last Will & Testament, 1886

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Mike McGuigan


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