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Established: October 31, 1995

Random family member portrait, for decorative purposes only
Random family member portrait, for decorative purposes only
Random family member portrait, for decorative purposes only


 This is our Etherton Family Genealogy. My dad got me interested in genealogy when I was a kid and I have been at it ever since (more or less). The tools have changed quite a bit from when I used to metro to the National Archives in downtown Washington DC, travel to cemeteries and courthouses around the country, and write actual letters to relatives. In 1995, I started this website with the intent of sharing what I have gathered about the family with anyone with an internet connection, rather than storing it in files in a closet. I have enjoyed hearing from relatives who have found this effort interesting and informative.

 I owe a great debt of graditude to all those who contributed so much to the gathering of the family history. I acknowledge these sources at the bottom of each page in the "Sources/Contributors" section. Without all the time and effort of these, and their gracious sharing of information, what I have collected here would be far less complete.

 This is, and will always be, a work in progress. While great effort has been made to ensure accuracy, there are unintentional errors in this data. Occasionally I will see one and correct it. If you see any, please let me know. Also note that sources are occasionally incorrect, or even in conflict. This represents my best educated guess at the names, relationships, dates and places. Your own research may lead you to different conclusions. Enjoy!

Who is listed here?

 In short, 10,857 of our relatives! You will see a very significant percentage of Etherton's and associated families (Hagler, Lipe, Ellis, Lindsey, etc.) from Jackson County, Illinois and surrounding areas. I have also included most anyone named Etherton that I can from anywhere in the USA. Otherwise I have included family from my mom's side (Allen, Louton, Swindell, etc.) as well as my inlaws (Wakefield, Todd, Lawson, Huffine, Horner, etc.).

 The 28 most common surnames are (click here for the entire list of surnames...):

 Another place to start, here are a few Outline Descendancy Trees:

On this day in our family history, January 28:

Rachel Baker (1806)Jennie B. Horner (1883)
Anna E. Cauble (1813)Mary Alma Hiller (1920)
Matthew W. PateAn indication that this person has military service (1840)Mary Etta Holder (1923)
Abram M. Etherton (1849)Andrew J Jones (1931)
Nancy Ann Hanks (1866)Walter B. Crawshaw (1932)
Omar M. Etherton (1879)Mary Elizabeth Watson (1932)
Mary Eliza Winchester (1880)John Carroll Etherton An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1934)
Charles Earnest Ralls (1883)Cora Hagler (1941)
Myrtle Crawshaw An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1884)Arlette Ruth Loveday (1943)
Raymond Lloyd Hagler (1888)Ida Marie Space (1944)
Flora Ethel Tripp (1888)Anna Gotcher (1953)
Ira Everett Hagler (1892)Stewart L Baysinger (1953)
Charles E. Hale (1899)Sarah Ann Philby (1956)
Katie Braswell (1900)David Henry Johnson (1967)
Roscoe Etherton (1908)George Melvin Lingle (1971)
J. T. Swindell (1913)Charles Henry Smith (1972)
Benjamin Leo Covert (1914)Henry Joyce (1974)
Robert A. McCall (1915)Olive Pearl McMurphy (1979)
Tom Moore (1926)Mary Elizabeth Lipe (1981)
Andy Lee Swindell (1960)Gareth O'dell Hale (1987)
Margaret Lorine Rawson (1987)
John A Pirtle (1990)
Helen Marie Swindell (1992)
Clarence Allen Hagler (2001)
Gladys Louise Schnieber (2002)
Kenneth Ray Louton (2013)
James Delbert Hagler (2020)


Recent website updates (see all...):


A US map showing the number of people with the last name of Etherton in each state

 Here is something that I found interesting... a chart of the distribution of the Etherton surname by state in 1990. The states with the highest concentration are Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Nebraska, which is consistent with my own research. From what I can tell, the website that posted this chart it is no longer available.

 For the 5511 people that are in the database that I know both birth and death dates (year, month, and day of month), the average age at death is: 66.78 years. Oldest male lived to: 105.4. Oldest female lived to: 106.6. (More Stats about the family‚Ķ)

An England map showing the number of people with the last name of Atherton and Etherton in each area

 Another interesting (at least to me) chart. This is the distribution of the Atherton and Etherton surnames in England in 1881. Note that the concentration of Ethertons is around the southern coast of England, while the Athertons are concentrated around Lancashire. Add to this data that my closest non-Etherton relatives according to Y-DNA testing are Athertons with hitory in Lancashire, it seems possible that we were originally Athertons. For more information on on Y-DNA testing and matches between Etherton/Atherton families, please see FamilyTreeDNA.com, specifically the Etherton and Atherton projects.


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