Carrie Sophia Brewster

Born: 1868


Father:Jeremiah Brewster (1815/KY - 1877/IL)

Mother:Mary Hagler (1820/IL - 1899/IL)


Brother: James Brewster (1840/IL - 1911)

Sister: Mary Ann Brewster Campbell+ (1842/IL - 1920)

Brother: John A Brewster An indication that this person has military service (1844/IL - 1880/IL)

Brother: William Harrison Brewster+ (1846/IL - 1915)

Sister: Anna Brewster (1848/IL - )

Sister: Hannah Brewster Snider+ (1849/IL - 1914/IL)

Sister: Martha Jane Brewster Snider+ (1853/IL - 1932/IL)

Brother: Lawrence Brewster (1854/IL - )

Sister: Laura Lucretia Brewster Qualls+ (1858/IL - 1923/IL)

Sister: Cora Mae Brewster (1864/IL - 1942/AL)


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