Allen Hagler

Portrait of Allen Hagler

Born: Wednesday, September 9, 1857 in Jackson County, Illinois

Died: Friday, July 16, 1948 in Monterey County, California

Buried: Hanford Cemetery, Kings County, California

Lived: 90 years 10 months 7 days


Father:George Hagler An indication that this person has military service (1830/IL - 1863/TN)

Mother:Mary Ann Crawshaw (1834/IL - 1902/IL)


Brother: William Hagler+ (1855/IL - 1929/CA)

Brother: Joseph Hagler+ (1859/IL - 1903/IL)

Brother: George Hagler+ (1863/IL - 1930/CA)


Name: Ida A. Lindsey (1869/IL - 1936)

  Date: 04/01/1888 (age: 30 years 6 months 23 days) - 03/23/1936 (death/spouse, 47 years 11 months 22 days)

  Place: Jackson County, Illinois


Son: Claude Richard Hagler+ (1889/IL - 1963/CA)

Daughter: Vera A. Hagler (1891/IL - 1965)

Son: Floyd J. Hagler (1893/IL - )

Daughter: Hannah Lavisa Hagler+ (1898/IL - 1979/CA)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).

  Occupation: Lumberman.

Official Sources (show all)

Claude Hagler WWI Draft Registration Card, 1917


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