Harvey M. Horner

Born: November 5, 1875 in Woodford County, Illinois

Died: October 22, 1952 in Lucas County, Iowa

Lived: 76 years 11 months 17 days


Father:Landon Horner (1838/OH - 1925/IA)

Mother:Sarah Ann Cherington (1837/IL - 1911/IA)


Brother: Edward L Horner+ (1860/IL - )

Brother: George A Horner (1862/IL - )

Sister: Caroline L Horner (1867/IL - 1887/IA)

Brother: Samuel L Horner+ (1872/KS - 1937/IA)

Sister: Mecina A Horner+ (1872/IL - 1920/IA)

Sister: Mary E Horner+ (1877/IL - 1965/IA)

Sister: Jennie B Horner (1880/IL - 1883/IA)


  Descendant of 5 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).


1880 Woodford County IL Census

1900 Wayne County IA Census

Sarah Ann Cherington Obituary

Millie A. Horner Obituary

Landon Horner Certificate of Death, 1925

Landon Horner Obituary

Samuel Landon Horner Obituary


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