William Hiller

Born: 1829 in Kentucky


Father:Simon Hiller (1790/NY - 1870/IL)

Mother:Catherine Beltz (1793/PA - IL)


Brother: Abraham Hiller ( - )

Brother: Peter J. Hiller+ (1811/NY - 1872/IL)

Sister: Minerva Ermina Hiller Etherton+ (1817/KY - 1889/IL)

Sister: Catherine Hiller Hanson+ (1820/KY - 1847/IL)

Sister: Elizabeth Ann Hiller Hanson+ (1824/TN - 1844)

Brother: Simon Peter Hiller (1825/KY - 1882/IL)

Brother: John E Hiller+ An indication that this person has military service (1831/KY - 1864/AR)

Sister: Eliza Hiller Lipe+ (half-sister) (1835/IL - 1922/IL)

Brother: Jacob Hiller+ (half-brother)An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1837/IL - 1914/IL)

Sister: Rebecca Hiller Ripley Baker+ (half-sister) (1838/IL - 1900)

Brother: Isaiah Hiller+ (half-brother) (1839/IL - 1907/IL)

Sister: Sarah Hiller (half-sister) (1847/IL - )

Sister: Mary D. Hiller (half-sister) (1849/IL - )

Brother: Michael Hiller (half-brother) (1851/IL - )


Name: Susannah Davis (1828/IL - )


Daughter: Mary A. Hiller (1848/IL - )

Son: Abraham Hiller (1850/IL - )

History/Life Events

  Occupation: Farmer (1850).


1850 Jackson County IL Census


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