Walter Grammer

Born: August 1881 in Illinois

Died: Tuesday, May 23, 1939


Father:Louis Franklin Grammer (1832/KY - 1904/IL)

Mother:Catherine Etherton (1855/IL - )


Sister: Sarah Elizabeth Grammer+ (half-sister) (1855/IL - 1938/IL)

Sister: Mariah Isabelle Grammer (half-sister) (1857/IL - 1941/IL)

Sister: Emma Jane Grammer+ (half-sister) (1863/IL - 1920/IL)

Sister: Arabella Grammer+ (half-sister) (1866/IL - 1923/IL)

Brother: Ferdinand Grammer (half-brother) (1868/IL - 1942/IL)

Sister: Louisa Ann Grammer+ (half-sister) (1870/IL - 1940/IL)

Brother: Lewis Franklin Grammer (half-brother) (1873/IL - 1948/IL)

Sister: Bird Grammer (half-sister) (1874/IL - )

Brother: Grover Cleveland Grammer+ (1886/IL - 1950/IL)

Sister: Annie Grammer (half-sister) (1891/IL - 1965/IL)


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