Francis Marion Lawson

Born: September 1883

Died: February 1884

Buried: Hartford Cemetery, Hartford, Putnam County, Missouri


Father:Elbert Ephraim Lawson An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1859/MO - 1933)

Mother:Rosa Ann Admire (1862/MO - 1940)


Brother: Charles Edwin Lawson (1879/MO - 1973)

Sister: Laura Elizabeth Lawson (1880/MO - 1967/MO)

Brother: Casper Elton Lawson (1882/MO - 1955/MO)

Brother: Frank Lawson (1884/MO - 1979/MO)

Brother: Fred Lawson (1888/MO - 1958/MO)

Brother: George Lawson (1890/MO - 1971/KS)

Sister: Clara Lillie Lawson (1892/MO - 1912/MO)

Sister: Florence Rosa Lawson (1898 - 1899)


Hartford Cemetery


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