Elva Catherine Louton

Born: August 13, 1902 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas


Father:William Bleven Louton (1872/MS - 1943/AR)

Mother:Nillie Ann Rucker (1874/AR - 1958/AR)


Brother: Floyd A Louton (1893/AR - 1961/CO)

Brother: Thomas L Louton (1894/AR - 1961/CA)

Sister: Flossie E Louton (1896/AR - 1988)

Sister: Mary O Louton (1899/AR - 1988)

Brother: Albert G Louton+ (twin) (1902/AR - 1985)

Brother: William G Louton (1904/AR - 1980)

Brother: David Louton (1906/AR - 1958/CA)

Brother: Ervin E Louton (1908/AR - 1997/CA)

Brother: Dewey O Louton (1911/AR - 1911/AR)

Sister: Mildred H Louton (1913/AR - 1987)

Sister: Jana M Louton (1915/AR - )

Sister: Espy Louton (1918/AR - )


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1920 Garland County AR Census


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