Jasper Alexander Louton

Born: February 27, 1886

mtDNA: J2a1a1b, yDNA: R-P89.2


Father:Randell Jasper Louton (1858/AL - 1928/AR)

Mother:Mary Rebecka Swindell (1859/MS - 1948/CA)


Brother: William H Louton ( - )

Sister: Adaline N Louton (1882/AR - 1955/CA)

Brother: Charles B Louton+ (1884/TX - 1958/AR)

Sister: Mittie B Louton+ (1888/TX - 1982/CA)

Brother: Braze H Louton+ (1890/TX - 1971)

Sister: Clearrie C Louton+ (1892/AR - 1978/CA)

Sister: Brunette E Louton+ (1895/AR - )

Sister: Nancy L Louton+ (1897/AR - 1977/CA)

Sister: Mary L Louton+ (1899/AR - 1978/CA)


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


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