Louis Wayne Nausley

Born: 1918 in Illinois

Died: 1989

Buried: Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens, Jefferson County, Missouri


Father:Joseph Robinson Nausley (1871/IL - 1944)

Mother:Lillie Narcissus Griffin (1874/IL - 1968)


Sister: Jennie Blanche Nausley (1898/IL - )

Sister: Ethel M. Nausley (1901/IL - 1970/IL)

Sister: Pearle Nausley (1902/IL - 1988/IL)

Sister: Vida Nausley (1904/IL - 2003/IL)

Brother: Lloyd A. Nausley (1906/IL - 1933)

Brother: Floyd Nausley (1906/IL - 2001)

Brother: Henry Harlon Nausley (1908/IL - 1909)

Brother: James Harlan Nausley (1909/IL - 1910/IL)

Brother: Ivan Joseph Nausley (1911/IL - 1983)

Brother: Robert Enoch Nausley (1913/IL - 1974)


Name: Opal Marie Cooper (1922/MO - 1998/MO)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1920 Jackson County IL Census

Find-A-Grave Website


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