Anna Etherton

Born: July 26, 1831 in Missouri

Died: January 14, 1858 in Mercer County, Missouri

Lived: 26 years 5 months 19 days


Father:John E. Etherton (1801/VA - 1879/MO)

Mother:Catherine Rogers (1804/NC - 1864/MO)


Brother: Perry Etherton (1823/KY - 1844/MO)

Sister: Mary Etherton (1824/KY - 1851/MO)

Sister: Polly Etherton (1826/KY - 1851/MO)

Brother: Joshua Etherton (1827/KY - 1848/MO)

Brother: George Etherton (1829/KY - )

Sister: Nancy Ellen Etherton (1833/MO - OR)

Sister: Swan E. Etherton (1835/MO - )

Brother: William T. Etherton An indication that this person has military service (1837/MO - 1910/NE)

Brother: John M. Etherton (1839/MO - )

Brother: Howard Moppen Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1841/MO - 1920/MO)

Sister: Sarah Ann Etherton (1843/MO - 1918/KS)

Brother: Wilson C. Etherton+ (1845/MO - 1912/MO)

Brother: David Hayes Etherton+ (1847/MO - 1912/MO)


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