Joseph Benjamin Etherton

Born: July 1893 in Tennessee

Died: Friday, February 23, 1973 in Jefferson County, Tennessee

yDNA: R-M269 (inferred)


Father:William T. Etherton (1849/TN - 1926/TN)

Mother:Nila S Terry (1848/TN - 1907)


Sister: Nancy Joann Etherton Parrott+ (1870/TN - 1936/TN)

Brother: James Taylor Etherton+ (1873/TN - 1932/TN)

Brother: Charles I. Etherton+ (1874/TN - 1949/TN)

Sister: Elizabeth Etherton (1876/TN - )

Sister: Sarah J Etherton (1879/TN - )

Sister: Mary E Etherton Clinton (1880/TN - 1946/TN)

Sister: Laura L Etherton Clinton (1882/TN - 1952/TN)

Brother: Leonidas H Etherton+ (1884/TN - 1964)

Sister: Myrtle Etherton Emert (1888/TN - 1915/TN)


Name: Bessie C. Miller (1896/TN - 1939/TN)

  Date: 05/31/1911 (age: 17 years 11 months 1 day)

  Place: Jefferson County, Tennessee

Name: Belle Reneau (1905/TN - )

  Date: 04/20/1940 (age: 46 years 9 months 21 days)

  Place: Jefferson County, Tennessee


Son: Amos Glenn Etherton+ (1913/TN - 1968/TN)

Daughter: Velma Elizabeth Etherton Russell (1915/TN - 1989/TN)

Daughter: Zemra Etherton Bunel (1916/TN - )

Son: Cleo B. Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1919/TN - 2005/TN)

Daughter: Charity Mae Etherton Parrott+ (1922/TN - 2002/TN)

Daughter: Ray Etherton (1925/TN - )

Son: Robert James Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1927/TN - 2015)

Daughter: Rachel Etherton (1929/TN - )

Son: Herman Etherton (1930/TN - )

Son: -unpublished-

Son: -unpublished-

Official Sources (show all)

Ben Etherton and Bessie Miller Certificate of Marriage, 1911

Bessie Etherton Certificate of Death, 1939

Ben Etherton and Cora Manning Certificate of Marriage, 1944


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