Adelia Ora Allen

Born: October 4, 1890 in Lafayette County, Arkansas


Father:William M. Allen (1851/LA - 1934/AR)

Mother:Nancy Ann Tyler (1859/LA - 1946/AR)


Sister: Artie M Allen+ (1875/AR - 1950)

Sister: Addie E Allen+ (1877/AR - 1957/AR)

Brother: Arthur A Allen+ (1879/AR - 1961)

Brother: Albed D Allen+ (1881/AR - 1950/TN)

Brother: Adia B Allen+ (1883/AR - 1937/AR)

Sister: Allie L Allen+ (1886/AR - 1965/AR)

Brother: Aaron F Allen (1888/AR - 1905/AR)

Sister: Arelia V Allen+ (1893/AR - 1983/TX)

Sister: Arha C Allen (1895/AR - 1898)

Brother: Addison A Allen+ (1899/AR - 1981/LA)

Brother: Asa C Allen+ (1900/AR - 1984/AR)


Name: Luther Hopkins (1890 - 1914)

Name: Obie Hamilton (1887 - 1952)


  Descendant of 3 war veteran(s)/patriot(s) (see details).


1900 Howard County AR Census

1910 Howard County AR Census


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