Gusta Hazel Baker

Portrait of Gusta Hazel Baker

Born: Wednesday, April 19, 1905 in Randolph County, Illinois

Died: Saturday, June 11, 1960 in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Pleasant Grove Memorial Park, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 55 years 1 month 23 days


Father:Thomas Salam Baker (1861/IL - 1943/IL)

Mother:Sophrona Frances Worthen (1865/IL - 1915/IL)


Sister: Ida M. Baker+ (1886/IL - 1946/IL)

Sister: Amanda J. Baker+ (1888/IL - 1975/IL)

Brother: Simon Walter Baker (1891/IL - )

Brother: John Thomas Baker (1892/IL - 1919/IL)

Brother: Onie Robert Baker (1897/IL - 1946/IL)

Sister: Edna Irene Baker (1901/IL - )

Sister: Emma Mabel Baker (1903/IL - 1984/MO)


Name: Wilburn Walter Lisenbee (1895/IL - 1945/IL)

Name: Clarence Lamont Hale An indication that a portrait of this person is available An indication that this person has military service (1902/IL - 1966/IL)

  Date: 10/27/1946 (age: 41 years 6 months 8 days)

  Place: Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois


1910 Randolph County IL Census

Thomas Baker Obituary

Gusta Hazel Baker Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1943

Gusta Hale Obituary

Pleasant Grove Memorial Park


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