James D. Etherton

Born: April 1848 in Illinois

Died: Thursday, January 13, 1921 in Franklin, Franklin County, Nebraska

yDNA: I-Z58 (inferred)


Father:Stephen Walter Etherton An indication that this person has military service (1823/MO - 1903/NE)

Mother:Margaret Ann Smith (1825/KY - 1915/NE)


Brother: Charles Wesley Etherton+ (1850/IL - 1919/NE)

Brother: Samuel S. Etherton+ (1852/KY - 1927)

Brother: Theodore Clayton Etherton+ (1854/IL - 1933/CN)

Sister: Mary K. Etherton (1856/IA - )

Brother: John Etherton (1858/IA - )

Brother: Stephen A Etherton+ (1862/IA - )

Sister: Euena J. Etherton (1865/MO - 1903)

Brother: Grant Ulysses Etherton+ (1870/MO - )


Name: Emeline Hobbs (1847/MO - 1926/NE)

  Date: 1865 - 01/13/1921 (death, 56 years 1 month 14 days)

  Place: Nebraska


Son: William Thomas Etherton+ (1868/MO - 1936/NE)

Daughter: Ida B. Etherton (1870/MO - )

Son: George Wesley Etherton (1878/NE - 1921/NE)

Son: Theodore Clayton Etherton+ (1882/NE - 1962/CA)

Daughter: Emma Jane Etherton (1886/NE - 1955/CO)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1860 Madison County IA Census

1880 Franklin County NE Census

1900 Franklin County NE Census

JC Etherton & Myrtle Taylor Marriage Index


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