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Born: April 18, 1876 in Wintersville, Sullivan County, Missouri

Died: March 28, 1962 in Ford County, Kansas

Buried: Protection Cemetery, Comanche County, Kansas

Lived: 85 years 11 months 10 days


Father:Sylvester Hugh Todd (1853/MO - 1930/MO)

Mother:Mary Ann Barton (1855/IN - 1935/MO)


Brother: William Allen Todd (1878/MO - 1951/MO)

Sister: Rene Ann Todd+ (1880/MO - 1961/MO)

Brother: Joseph Franklin Todd+ (1882/MO - 1963/MO)

Sister: Daisy Alberta Todd+ (1885/MO - 1958/MO)

Sister: Maria Augusta Todd+ (1887/MO - 1923/MO)

Brother: Charles Alexander Todd+ (1890/MO - 1967)

Sister: Martha Adeline Todd+ (1892/MO - 1982)

Sister: Mary Ellen Todd+ (1895/MO - 1980/IA)

Sister: Sarah Emmer Todd+ (1897/MO - 1970)

Brother: Sylvester Edward Todd (1899/MO - 1966/MO)


Name: Carrie Mae Smart (1875/MO - 1947/KS)

  Date: 12/22/1897 (age: 21 years 8 months 4 days) - 08/28/1947 (death/spouse, 49 years 8 months 6 days)

  Place: Newtown, Sullivan County, Missouri


Daughter: Ivah Lavelle Todd+ (1898/MO - 1969/KS)

Daughter: Temple Bell Todd+ (1899/MO - 1979/KS)

Daughter: Josie Humble Todd+ (1901/MO - 1993/IL)

Daughter: Jessie Ann Todd (1905/MO - 2002/CA)

Son: Clifford Leo Todd (1908/MO - 1959/MO)


1910 Comanche County KS Census

Our Todd Cousins


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