Bertha Ellen Etherton

Born: Saturday, October 28, 1905 in Nebraska

Died: Thursday, February 5, 1976 in Nebraska

Buried: Fairfield Cemetery, Clay County, Nebraska

Lived: 70 years 3 months 8 days


Father:Stephen A Etherton (1862/IA - )

Mother:Laura Belle Rine (1868/WV - 1920/IA)


Brother: Charles Andrew Etherton (1889/NE - 1976/KS)

Sister: Margaret A. Etherton (1896/NE - )

Sister: Matilda Areny Etherton Patten (1898/IA - 1984/CA)

Sister: Jessie May Etherton (1904/NE - 1983/NE)

Brother: Orville Newton Etherton (1908/IA - 1994/NE)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1910 Webster County NE Census

Find-A-Grave Website


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