James Lee Etherton

Born: Monday, February 1, 1897 in Imperial, Chase County, Nebraska

Died: Saturday, June 11, 1955 in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

Lived: 58 years 4 months 10 days

yDNA: I-Z58 (inferred)


Father:Charles Wesley Etherton (1855/IA - 1921/KS)

Mother:Ella Margaret Smith (1861/IL - 1935/CA)


Sister: Rachel M. Etherton (1885/NE - 1885/NE)

Brother: Joy Wesley Etherton+ (1887/MO - 1946/CA)

Sister: Lola Mae Etherton (1891/NE - 1988/OK)

Brother: Ray Anthony Etherton+ An indication that this person has military service (1894/NE - 1992/CO)

Sister: Opal Margaret Etherton (1900/KS - 1976)


1900 Sedgwick County KS Census

1910 Woods County OK Census


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