Clifford Norman Lindsey

Born: Sunday, May 3, 1914 in Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: Saturday, September 12, 1964 in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Buried: Mt Pleasant Jerusalem Cemetery, Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 50 years 4 months 9 days


Father:Elmer Clifford Lindsey (1889/IL - 1971/IL)

Mother:Viola Mae Nobel (1888/IL - 1949/IL)


Clyde Elisha Snider Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1941

Claude Jennings Certificate of Birth, 1942

Dewey Calvin Ellis Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1942

Helen Etherton Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1943

Mt Pleasant Jerusalam Cemetery from 'Find A Grave' website


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