Thurman Coy Etherton

Born: Friday, January 14, 1927 in DeKalb County, Alabama

Died: Friday, June 20, 2008 in DeKalb County, Alabama

Buried: Rainsville Memorial Park, DeKalb County, Alabama

Lived: 81 years 5 months 6 days

yDNA: R-M269 (inferred)


Father:Asa Oscar Etherton (1902/AL - 1965/AL)

Mother:Grace L. Strange (1907/AL - 1998/AL)


Brother: Acie Luther Etherton+ (1925/TX - 1969/AL)

Sister: -unpublished-

Brother: -unpublished-

History/Life Events

  Service: Veteran of World War II. US Navy.


1940 DeKalb County AL Census

Find-A-Grave Website


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