John Jacob Grammer

Born: Saturday, August 24, 1754 in Prince George County, Virginia

Died: Friday, October 9, 1835 in Fauquier County, Virginia

Buried: Locust Grove Cemetery, Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Lived: 81 years 1 month 15 days



Name: Mary Elizabeth Timberlake (1750/VA - 1786/VA)

Name: Priscilla Wright Withers (1762/VA - 1835/VA)

  Date: 05/01/1788 (age: 33 years 8 months 7 days)

  Place: Dinwiddie County, Virginia


Daughter: Elizabeth Ann Grammer Tope+ (1773/VA - 1837/IL)

Son: William Grammer+ (1774/VA - 1821/IL)

Son: John Grammer (1779/VA - 1849/IL)

Son: Jacob Grammer+ (1780/VA - 1845/IL)


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