Christena Daugherty

Portrait of Christena Daugherty

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Born: Tuesday, May 19, 1818 in Hardin County, Kentucky

Died: Monday, April 30, 1900 in Oklahoma

Buried: Columbus City Cemetery, Bartholomew County, Indiana

Lived: 81 years 11 months 11 days


Father:Samuel Daugherty An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1795/KY - 1871/IN)

Mother:Anna Stader (1793/NY - 1859/IN)


Brother: Adam Daugherty (1821/KY - 1862/IN)

Brother: John Daugherty (1824/IN - 1854/IN)

Sister: Elizabeth Daugherty+ (1829/IN - 1921/IA)

Sister: Hannah Daugherty (1832/IN - 1891/IN)

Brother: William Daugherty (1839/IN - 1874/IN)


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