Etherton Family Tree Timeline of the 75 Event(s) that happened at:

Wayne County, Iowa, USA

US Statehood December 28, 1846

Corydon CemeteryCemetery
Promise City CemeteryCemetery
Richardson Chapel CemeteryCemetery
Shriver CemeteryCemetery
Harry Curtis Bowmanbirth1876-11-01Wayne County, Iowa
Elizabeth Ethel Enrightbirth1879-00-00Wayne County, Iowa
Jennie B. Hornerdeath1883-01-28Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Pearl E. Liggettbirth1889-02-15Wayne County, Iowa
Mary Hammondbirth1894-02-26Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Margaret Hambledeath1894-04-24Wayne County, Iowa
William Hammond/Cynthia Ellen Boyermarriage1894-12-28Wayne County, Iowa
Henry Hammond/July Etta Shrivermarriage1899-02-05Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Ethel Iney Bowmanbirth1899-12-04Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
William Harley Morris/Elizabeth Ethel Enrightmarriage1901-09-18Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Samuel Landon Horner/Anna Florence Hammondmarriage1902-09-10Wayne County, Iowa
Blanche Hornerbirth1903-12-09Wayne County, Iowa
Deo Harley Morrisbirth1904-03-02Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Tennis W. Morrisbirth1905-11-08Wayne County, Iowa
Alma Hornerbirth1906-11-09Wayne County, Iowa
Alice Cleo Wakefieldbirth1908-04-11Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
Wilma Hornerbirth1910-09-15Wayne County, Iowa
Sarah Ann Cheringtondeath1911-03-09Wayne County, Iowa
Randall Arlo Hammondbirth1912-03-05Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Cynthia Ellen Boyerdeath1912-07-31Wayne County, Iowa
Jesse Brook Hammond/Pearl E. Liggettmarriage1912-11-03Wayne County, Iowa
William Roy Hornerbirth1915-04-27Wayne County, Iowa
Raymond Eugene McClainbirth1918-01-16Wayne County, Iowa
Mecina Ann Hornerdeath1920-04-23Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
William Hammonddeath1920-09-15Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Mary Ellen Porterbirth1920-11-18Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Faye Lucille Hornerbirth1920-12-04Wayne County, Iowa
Orville Hammond Palmerbirth1921-07-08Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Doris Eileen Porterbirth1922-06-30Wayne County, Iowa
Rex Dail Whiteleybirth1923-01-31Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Tennis W. Morris/Alma Hornermarriage1925-05-17Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Karl Ross Palmerbirth1927-01-18Wayne County, Iowa
Geneva Frances Ockermanbirth1927-08-17Allerton, Wayne County, Iowa
Blanche Hornerdeath1928-01-16Wayne County, Iowa
Irvin E. Whiteleybirth1928-01-31Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Donna Lucille Morrisbirth1928-12-04Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Charles Efford Dunshee/Wilma Hornermarriage1930-02-16Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Donna Lucille Morrisdeath1934-09-25Allerton, Wayne County, Iowa
William Roy Horner/Wanda Waneva Hellyermarriage1935-03-28Millerton, Wayne County, Iowa
Samuel Landon Hornerdeath1937-01-14Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
Marianna Lucille Huffinebirth1940-10-19Harvard, Wayne County, Iowa
-unpublished-birth1942-07-24Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Gary Dail Whiteleybirth1944-11-23Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
-unpublished-birth1948-12-05Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Irvin E. Whiteley/Geneva Frances Ockermanmarriage1949-06-03Allerton, Wayne County, Iowa
Henry Hammonddeath1949-10-26Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
Ernest Earl Huffinedeath1951-01-11Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
-unpublished-birth1951-05-01Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
-unpublished-birth1952-09-05Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Wilma Hornerdeath1953-01-31Wayne County, Iowa
Harry Curtis Bowmandeath1956-07-17Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Jesse Brook Hammonddeath1958-00-00Wayne County, Iowa
Billie Dean Lawson/Marianna Lucille Huffinemarriage1958-09-07Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Ronald Dean Lawsonbirth1959-03-03Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Ronald Dean Lawsondeath1959-03-12Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Anna Florence Hammonddeath1960-05-17Wayne County, Iowa
Robert Lee Wilson/-unpublished-marriage1964-02-29Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Mary Ellen Hornerdeath1965-01-17Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Charles Efford Dunsheedeath1966-11-21Wayne County, Iowa
Clara Blanche Blairdeath1968-00-00Wayne County, Iowa
Mary Hammonddeath1972-01-31Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa
Raymond Eugene McClaindeath1972-08-10Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Lester Gay Bowmandeath1972-10-05Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Deo Harley Morrisdeath1973-08-05Wayne County, Iowa
William Roy Hornerdeath1974-04-07Wayne County, Iowa
Randall Arlo Hammonddeath1978-10-01Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
Mary Ellen Todddeath1980-02-28Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Letha Mae Wakefielddeath1997-08-17Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
Paul Ladel Wakefielddeath2004-11-10Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa
Karl Ross Palmerdeath2016-03-14Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa
Rex Dail Whiteleydeath2020-10-31Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa

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