Etherton Family Tree Timeline of the 8 Event(s) that happened at:

Adair County, Missouri, USA

US Statehood August 10, 1821

Cox CemeteryCemetery
Clara Lillie Lawsondeath1912-08-28Adair County, Missouri
Clarence Woodrow Wakefield/Agnes Mary Saldanamarriage1950-06-06Adair County, Missouri
Burton Longdeath1957-04-28Adair County, Missouri
Laura Elizabeth Lawsondeath1967-03-23Adair County, Missouri
Frank Lawsondeath1979-10-02Adair County, Missouri
Sylvester Elias Johnsondeath1982-07-01Adair County, Missouri
Lynn Lawsondeath1984-02-04Adair County, Missouri

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