Source: Catherine Wilson


I received the following e-mail from Catherine Wilson on January 3, 1997.

The "Gentry Family In America" states that Maina Jane was born in Grand
Tower, (Jackson) Illinois.  James, her older brother was born in Kansas and
the 2 brothers born after her were born in Missouri.  All of the census
records say she was born in Illinois except for the 1860 which states Missouri.

I received the following e-mail from Catherine Wilson on February 17, 1997.

Julia A. Etherton is the daughter of James Everett Etherton, the son of
Her mother was Jane Bloquar (there are many spellings, but this seems to be
the original French).  Julia Ann was born in 1834 in Jackson, and died 19
March 1901 and is buried in the Etherton Cemetery in Jackson.  In the 1860
census there are two children, Cynthia Jane and Turner, with Julia and
James.  These seem to be the children of Marcus's brother Andrew.  They are
too old to be Julia's and they match the names and ages of Andrew's children
for the 1850 census.

I received e-mail from Catherine Wilson on October 29, 2001 that provided a Family Group Shhet for William Henry Etherton and Thomas Loren Etherton.

Type: family group sheets

Date: 2001-10-01


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