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I received the following in an e-mail from Jim Zimmermann on 1 August 1998

I am
writing you about my wife's uncle, Fred Andrew Etherton (18 Feb 1897-Sep
1985).  I didn't find him among your Ethertons but feel sure there is a link
somewhere since Fred lived all but his last years in So. Illinois.  Fred was
married to my wife's aunt, Lula Hiller, granddaughter of John Hiller who was a
younger brother of Peter Hiller Sr.  Fred was a big bear of a man, at least
6'5", but gentle as a lamb.  He and Lula lived in Carterville, on Michigan
Ave. I think.  Fred was a distributor of Standard Oil products including
heating oil.  After his retirement, he and Lula moved to Albuquerque, NM,
where he died.

I received the following in an e-mail from Jim Zimmermann on 11 October 1998

Hiram A. Etherton was born abt. 1872 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co, IL (age is 32
on birth certificate of son Wiliam Edward).  His wife, Anna Mosely, was born
abt. 1874 in Clay City, Clay Co, IL (age is 30 of William's birth cert.)
Their children were Fred Andrew (b.18 Feb 1897), Zelma Francis (b.24 Dec
1898), Golda Marie (b.8 Oct 1900), Mary (b.26 Oct 1902), and William Edward
(b.13 Feb 1905).  All were born in Williamson County.  Birth dates per records
in Williamson County Clerk's office.

Fred died in Sep 1985 (SSDI) in NM.  He was cremated, his ashes were brought
to IL and buried at Oakland Cemetery, Carbondale, on 7 Oct 1985.  Zelma died
in May, 1990 (SSDI).  Mary died 27 Feb 1993 (SSDI).  William died in Nov 1974
(SSDI) of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  

Zelma was never married.  It is thought that Mary was married briefly, but
resumed using her maiden name.  Fred was married to Lula Elenor Hiller,
daughter of John Hiller and Mary E. Nelson.  I have no marital information on
Golda or William.

I received the following in an e-mail from Jim Zimmermann on 24 October 1998

Fred Andrew Etherton: b.18 Feb 1897, Williamson County, Illinois, d. -   Sep
1985, Albuquerque, New Mexico, bur. Oakland Cemetery, Carbondale, Illinois,
mar. on 21 Dec 1919 in Williamson County, Illinois:

Lula Elenor Hiller: b. 18 Oct 1896, Williamson County, Illinois, d. - Mar
1994, Albuquerque, NM

Parents of Lula Elenor Hiller were John Hiller (1863-1933), son of John
(1831-1863), son of Rev. Simon (1790-1870) and Mary E. Nelson (1869-1958)

Lula's siblings were Joseph Samson Hiller (1887-1912), Solomon P. Hiller
(1889-1920), Rebecca J. Hiller (1891-1974), Charles Hiller (1903-1904), George
Oliver Hiller (1906-1989), and Francis Howard Hiller (1909-1990).

Children of Fred and Lula were Genevieve Marie Etherton and Charles Fredrick

Genevieve Marie Etherton: b. 10 Oct 1920, Williamson County, Illinois, d. 29
Dec 1996, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, mar. on 20 May 1940 in Ste. Genevieve,

Frank Eugene Elders: b. 10 Apr 1917, Illinois, d.  19 Sep 1996

Genevieve and Frank's children were James Martin Elders and Marsha Marie

James Martin Elders: b. 1943

Charles Fredrick Etherton: b. 11 Jan 1927, Carterville, Illinois, mar. on 18
Jun 1949 Lois Elaine Hock (b. 7 Aug 1931, Williamson County, Illinois)

Children of Charles and Elaine (Hock) Etherton were Cathy Lynn and Susan Lee.

Cathy Lynn Etherton: b.1953

Susan Lee Etherton: b. 1957

A few  notes on other Ethertons: 
Mildred Catherine Etherton (21 Sep 1905 - 20 Aug 1990) married name was
Parsons (per Soc. Sec. Death Index) 
Also per SSDI: (I'm working here against only your "Cemetery Readings Pages"
so you may already have this information on the individual pages)
Della (Etherton) Miller b. 20 Jan 1892, d. Aug 1975, resided in Benton,
Franklin Co, IL, at time of death.
William Robert Etherton b.12 Sep 1887, d. Dec 1967, resided in Carbondale at
time of death.
Charles A. Etherton b. 9 Nov 1879, d. Jun 1966, resided in Carbondale at time
of death.
William K. Etherton b. 12 Sep 1887, d. Dec 1967, resided in Carbondale at time
of death.
Gilbert W. Etherton b. 10 Aug 1886.  
Josie Etherton b. 25 Mar 1889, d. Feb 1980, resided in Murphysboro at time of
Julia M. Etherton b. 21 Mar 1890, d. Aug 1978, Resided in Carbondale at time
of death.
Sibyl E. Etherton b. 18 Sep 1894, d. 1977 resided in Murphysboro at time of
Frank B. Etherton b. 1 Sep 1889
Cecile B. Etherton b. 21 Aug 1901, d. Sep 1975, resided in Carbondale at time
of death.
Beulah H. Etherton b. 13 Apr 1902, d. Jan 1991
Pauline Smith Etherton b. 5 Jun 1908
James A. Etherton b. 13 Jul 1918

I received the following in an e-mail from Jim Zimmermann on 24 October 1998

I also note that, according to your source, one of Aaron's older sisters,
Nancy Hiller, was 118 years old when she died (1854-1972).  The information I
have on Nancy Ann Hiller is that she was born 9 Nov 1851 in Jackson Co, IL.
and died 4 Feb 1924 in Makanda Twp, Jackson Co.  I got this data from Gary Lee
Hiller and have no other independent confirmation.

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Date: 1998-08-01


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