Source: Carolyn Jane Supple


I received E-mail in January 2002 from Carolyn Jane Supple containing information on the descendants of Henry Harrison Etherton

I have more information to add to your tree--quite a bit, in fact. I have 
documented information on Lavica, the daughter of 
Henry Harrison Etherton and Mary Spence.

She was born December 25, 1890 at what my mother called "Etherton Switch", 
Illinois.  She died December 13, 1918 from the Spanish flu.  She married 
Louis Roy Wayman, a physician in Murphysboro, IL on October 30, 1910. She 
had a daughter, Helen Ina (my mother) born on March 7, 1912, and a son, Louis 
Roy Jr., born Feb. 23, 1917.  Louis Jr. died during the Tri-state Tornado on 
March 18, 1925.  Helen died April 22, 1999 in Sarasota, FL.

Type: e-mail

Date: 2002-01-31


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