Source: Janice Gossett


I received E-mail in October 2000 from Janice containing information on the Olean Etherton branch of the family tree

>I am one of your Illinois cousins.  My name is Janice Gossett (STEARNS) My 
>mother was Olean Etherton Stearns the youngest child of Benjamin Etherton 
>and Rachel Rodgers Etherton from Pomona.  My father was Fred Stearns.  I am 
>the youngest of five children.  I have a brother Tom and a sister named 
>Bernell who lives in Murphysboro,  and another sister Lois living in 
>Missouri.  I have a deceased (1994)brother Rondell.  I'm not sure who I am 
>sending this email to.  I'm guessing that Joel is one of  Hod's & Bess 
>grandsons.  I know that Wm. Howard is their son.  I remember meeting their 
>daughter Mary and a son (maybe was Gene)in the fifties.  My parents, my 
>sister and her daughter and I spent a couple of days In Owatonna.  We had 
>taken my sister Lois back to San Francisco and dad decided to surprise mom 
>by taking an extended vacation and bringing her to see her brother.
>My niece celebrated her 2nd birthday in Owatonna.  To my knowledge that was 
>the only time mom had been to Hod's.  Hod and Bess had made several trips 
>back to IL, as well as her other brother Harmon (nickname Hinnies).  That 
>maybe misspelled.
>I remember some of Uncle Hod & Aunt Bess' visits back to Illinois.  Also 
>I got a copy of your emails from my brother Tom.  He received them from 
>Dale Ellis, who is an uncle to Sherry Lynn Ellis Kyle,
>The summer my mom died Sherry was working with my mom on Etherton history.  
>In one of your emails you stated that you had been in Pomona in 98, too bad 
>you didn't know that Frank was within 5 to 10 miles of you when you 
>visited.  My brother Tom would have enjoyed spending time with you.  
>Visiting old homestead and talking about the Aunt's and Uncle's is one of 
>his favorite past times.
>You also mentioned going to James Etherton funeral in Indiana.  That was 
>mother's brother that was electrocuted.  He left a wife and three young 
>boys.  Robert (Bob), Don and Bill.  Bill was the youngest, he never 
>married.  He was in the service, I believe it was Air Force.  I think he 
>retired from the service.  He was living in Marion,IND.  I don't know what 
>he did after he got out of service. He is deceased ,as well as, his brother 
>Don.  My last correspondence from Aunt Anna (their mom/James wife) was 
>around 1990 -92.  At that time Bob was still living.  My last Christmas 
>card that I sent her which was in the early 90's came back to me.  So I 
>take it that she and her second husband (Howard) has passed away.
>I hope you can follow all this.  I would enjoy corresponding with you and 
>catching up on what has been going on with Hod's & Bess' family.  My mom 
>always kept up with all her nieces and nephews.  She may not have 
>corresponded with them directly, but her brothers and sisters kept her 
>informed.  By this going on I felt like I knew our cousins.  I miss that.
>Hope to here from you soon

Type: e-mail

Date: 2000-10-01


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