Micajah Hamilton Etherton

Born: 1837 in Illinois

Died: May 1, 1854 in Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 17 years 5 months 1 day


Father:Micajah Etherton (1795/TN - 1841/IL)

Mother:Rachel Ann Faubion (1795/TN - 1845/IL)


Sister: Jane Etherton(1822/TN - 1887/IL)

Brother: William A Etherton (1825/IL - 1862/IL)

Brother: James A Etherton(1827/IL - )

Brother: Alvin H Etherton(1835/IL - )


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


Samuel Etherton to Anderson Etherton

Rachel Etherton to M H Etherton

Guardianship Bond for Micajah Etherton

Robinson v. Blevins/Etherton/Etherton

1850 Jackson County IL Census

Guardianship Report

Sherry Kyle

Daffney Scherer


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