Lydia Etherton

Born: February 27, 1887 in Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: March 19, 1888

Buried: Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 1 year 21 days


Father:Andrew Jackson Etherton (1853/IL - 1899)

Mother:Lydia Ellen Spence (1854/IL - 1937/IL)


Brother: William J Etherton+ (1878/IL - )

Brother: Joseph E Etherton+ (1879/IL - 1964/CO)

Brother: Bennie P Etherton (1881 - 1883)

Sister: Lulu M Etherton (1883/IL - 1964/IL)

Sister: Minnie L Etherton+ (1885/IL - 1972/IL)

Sister: Grace M Etherton (1891/IL - 1969)

Brother: Benjamin F Etherton (1893/IL - )

Sister: Mary F Etherton+ (1893/IL - 1986/MO)

Sister: Lenora Etherton (1895/IL - 1982/IL)

Brother: Alonzo E Etherton+ (1897/IL - 1982/IL)


Lydia Etherton Certificate of Birth

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois


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