Source: Etherton Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois


Sources for this information include cousins who visited this cemetery cross-referenced with Volume 6 of the Cemeteries of Jackson County, Illinois, 1982 in the Murphysboro, Illinois Library in 1996. Information is listed as found (Nicknames and married names are usually listed).

Type: Cemetery

Date: 2017-12-20


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Mahala Brewer

Hannah A. Crawshaw

Mary Ann Crawshaw

Minerva Crawshaw

Alice R. Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Benjamin Franklin Etherton

Bennie P. Etherton

Bessie Etherton

Charlotte Etherton

Charlotte E. Etherton

Cora Etherton

Cynthia Anna Etherton

Dirindia Etherton

Elisha Etherton

Elizabeth Jane Etherton

Emeline Etherton

Emma L. Etherton

Ethel Etherton

George Washington Etherton

Hannah Frances Etherton

Harlon Etherton

Harmon Etherton

Henry Etherton

Henry Harrison Etherton

Henry Harrison Etherton

Infant Etherton

Infant Etherton

James F. Etherton

Jane A. Etherton

John McCagel Etherton

Juanita Etherton

Julia Etherton

Julia Ann Etherton

Lavina D. Etherton

Lilly Etherton

Lydia Etherton

Lydia Etherton

Mahala Etherton

Martin L. Etherton

Mary O. Etherton

Maximilian C. Etherton

Nancy L. Etherton

Noah Etherton

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Samuel M. Etherton

Samuel W. Etherton

Sarah Frances Etherton

Sarah Lavina Etherton

Sophia Jane Etherton

Thomas Grantsor Etherton

Thomas Jefferson Etherton

Thomas Lee Etherton

Thomas R. Etherton

William Carroll Etherton

William Carroll Etherton

William T. Etherton

Marena Jane Gentry

Alonzo Hagler

Elmer Hagler

Gilbert Hagler

Hannah Hagler

Henry Newton Hagler

Joseph Hagler

William Elbert Hagler

Peter J. Hiller

Betsy Ann Hooker

Cynthia Hopkins

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